Sunday, March 01, 2009

Glenn Beck: Wrong on Islam

I could have titled this blog: Muslim Democracy - One Vote, One Time

Or "A funny thing happened to Glenn Beck on the way back from the Mosque."

I like Glenn. I agree with most of his opinions on most issues. But he is misinformed or excessively forgiving or hopeful about Islam.

His belief is that the Muslim religion has been "hijacked." That Islam is, at its core, a peaceloving religion - practiced by many fine and kind people he has met.

I recently sent Glenn an e-mail in response to a similar statement he made in defense of Islam. I said, Glenn, if you lived in 1939, you would have also claimed that you met many fine and kind Nazi's. That Nazism has been hijacked by a radical element. At their core, they are peaceloving. You might have said. "I think Nazi's coming out and voting is a very good thing."

In fact, on page 147 of his book, An Inconvenient Book, Glenn quoted himself in a previous interview: "I think the Somalians coming out and voting is a very good thing."

As it turns out "the leader of Somalia's autonomous region of Puntland has agreed to introduce Islamic law in the territory" as reported by the BBC. Puntland comprises about one third of the area of the nation of Somalia. Similar Sharia inspiring declarations are being made in parts of Pakistan and I will bet will occur in Iraq within a short time after our withdrawal. This is Islam's "democracy": "one vote - one time."

What Glenn and many others fail to understand is that the upstanding and kind Muslims we know in this country fall into one of two categories. Either they are ignorant of or uncommited toward the historical Islam (as exhibited in the latter and more binding sections of the Koran), or they are being secretive about their beliefs and aspirations regarding Islam - their practice of "taqiyya."

I would compare the first possibility to the lack of earnestness of the beliefs of the "nominal Christian" toward his faith. He may claim to be Christian, he may also go to church on occasion, but his knowledge of, faith in and allegience to his religion is sorely lacking. They may be "good people", but they know and really believe squat about their religion. These "nominal Christians" don't represent Christianity any more than the "good people" Glenn chooses as examples of Muslims represent Islam.

Glenn fails to understand that the basics of Islam practiced by Mohammed promotes exactly what the so-called "radical element" of Islam is practicing today. Will the "real Muslims please stand up." And, in fact, they are. In all their jihadi-practicing faith and terror. The call for Sharia law in Muslim-dominated nations across the globe are bearing this out. And if they are not practicing violent Jihad, they either believe in or promote Sharia law, the abuse of women (at least by western standards) and an often psychotic intolerance of any real or perceived criticism of Islam.

Those we perceive as the "good American, family-oriented" neighborly Muslims are either the nominal Muslim - the ones who don't really practice the basic tenants of their faith or the practitioners of Islamic deceit.

Glenn and many others are misinformed wishful hopers. It is unfortunate that one who is as influential as Glenn is spreading such a misinformed and misleading message.

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Amillennialist said...

Outstanding post!

I just finished viewing Beck's interviews of Brigitte Gabriel and Geert Wilders. I wanted to see if anyone else noticed his misrepresentations of Islam, so I did a search for "Glenn Beck Islam." This article showed up.

Keep up the good work!

God bless you,