Sunday, October 19, 2008

One big happy radical neighborhood...

Portions of an old Bill Ayers book was posted on Michelle Malkin's web site. It fondly notes the close proximity of the homes of Bill, Barack, Muhammad Ali, and the another Muhammad supporter, Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam - the same Louis who recently declared Obama to be "the Messiah." Not that neighborly proximity indicates mutual admiration. But in this case, expression of mutual admiration by the noted parties indicates mutual admiration - unless this is another case of, as Obama puts it, they are not the Bill or Louis I used to know. It makes no difference to him that they were anti-American radicals at the time he "used to know" them.

While on the topic of Luigi, did you know the Nation of Islam is nearly identical to mainstream and radical Islam except for one thing? The Nation of Islam is considered apostate by Islam because it differs in one respect: The Nation of Islam considers the white man the devil - Islam does not.

Jeremiah Wright. Tony Resko. Bill Ayers. And now Louis Farrakhan. Will non-racist America wake up to the fact that Obama was indoctrinated by, relates to, supports, and is embraced by America-hating racists?

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