Friday, October 10, 2008

Known by the Company You Keep...

But who really cares? Apparently, not many.

Ever since Jeremiah Wright's rabid feelings and philosphy about America became widely known last year, there has been radical after radical revealed as having been Obama's mentors, friends, and associates. Here are some of those associations along with some of his decisions based on those associations...

First his Muslim father,
...Then his Muslim stepfather,
...Then his aetheist mother,
...Then his decision to change his name from Barry Sotero to Barack Hussein Obama
...Then his not-so-hot-on-America wife,
...Then Rev. Wright,
...Then his personal and business relationships with Tony Rezko, the corrupt Syrian Chicago developer,
...Then his expression that the Muslim call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset."
...Then his personal and community organizer relationships with Bill Ayers, the terrorist, which certainly went well beyond "just being in his neighborhood."
...Then the many associations with and support from leaders of the Nation of Islam, Islamic front groups, welfare, Communist and socialist organizations...

Is there any non-radical, non-socialist, non-Black Liberation thologist, non-Islamic, non-America hating, pro-American individual that has mentored Barrack Hussein Obama over the years?

The sad reality is, even if supporters of Barack Hussein Obama were convinced beyond any doubt that the above is all true, none of this would matter to them.


Because none of those "radicals" are radical or distastefull in the eyes of those who support Obama. There is such a lack of appreciation - not just lack of appreciation, but disdain for our culture and political system that none of Obamas' associations are seen as a negative. In fact, I would guess that while a small minority of his supporters may be put-off by these associations and influences, the greater majority are either indifferent or energized by them.

Note that most of Obama's supporters are from among Generation Ys (age 20-35 group) with a strong showing from the Xs (35 to 50).

A disproportionately large number of these folks are the ones who have slouched into becoming liberal (takeoff of William Bennett's "Slouching Toward Gommorrah") out of ignorance of our Christian heritage, and the history of our nations' struggles over the last couple of generations with their inherent sacrifices. They have no point of reference to what has made America great, most conspicuously, our founding sense of self-control and sacrifice.

So, it is only natural that these ignorant and deprived souls support a candidate who promises the easy way: fewer taxes and a massive increase in federal programs and entitlements. This is Obama's claim to fame - where his heart is - providing entitlements to those who lounge in their comfort zone of being the "oppressed" and "disadvantaged", mostly at the hands of the "enablers." Yes, the "enablers" - the well-off among us who have such pity for the "entitled" that they deprive them of the will to be self-sufficient by providing esteem and incentive squealching government handouts. There is much self-esteem, power and immediate gratification garnered by the enablers by arranging for these handouts.

After the "boomers" quit producing and paying taxes, the Gen Y/X liberals will go from feeding off the old folks to feeding off themselves - sort of like eating their young.

The election may or may not be a sqeaker - depending on the degree "the Bradley effect" is at play. But there is a growing liberal population who sees nothing wrong with radical causes and behaviors, and thus sees nothing wrong with associations with radicals.

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