Saturday, October 11, 2008

Christian Representation in Iraqi Councils?

Increased Christian representatin on Iraqi Councils? Snowball's chance in hell.

Christians are being massacred in Iraq because they peaceably demonstrated for representation in the Iraqi government. So much for the promise of Iraqi democracy. As common sense and history should teach, there will be democracy in Iraq long enough for their leaders to fully implement Sharia law. For those not understanding that implication, Sharia law does not tolerate other religions very well.

There is a better chance that Obama will find a pro-American mentor than there is for the Iraqi government to tolerate demonstrations, never mind representation of Christians in their "democratic" government.

Democracy, by the way, is a two-edged sword: The majority can represent tyranny. Tolerance and liberty are much better ideals. But, unfortunately, the great majority of folk in Iraq are Muslim. 1,400 years of Islamic influence doesn't allow Muslims to tolerate. McCain's suggestion that it might take 100 years to achieve US objectives in Iraq might not be long enough to reverse 1,400 years of ingrained intolerance and violent habits.

We as a nation, especially our leaders, haven't yet grasped the fact that Muslims aren't Christians. They have a different value system. Their Koran is closer to our Old Testament on steroids without the New Testament. Legalism and vengence prevail. Grace, forgiveness, and tolerance are foreign to those folk. It is a safe bet that democracy is the wrong goal for us in Iraq. And I don't hold out much hope that the US will stomach devoting several hundred years of our resources to try to instill "grace, forgiveness, and tolerance" in that land.

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