Saturday, January 20, 2018

Women’s “Me, Too” Marches Glorified by Media…

Tens of thousands of American women demonstrated in a dozen or more US cities today to promote….what?

Here is some of what I heard.  They demonstrated on behalf of:

  • Gender equality
  • Abortion rights
  • Respect in the workplace
  • The new religion of “judge less”
  • Boundless immigration
  • Equality for everyone
  • Anti-Trump

And now I present my likely misogynist, hateful, judgmental thoughts on the demonstrators’ wish list.

Many demonstrators appeared to participate out of ignorance and were attracted by a party atmosphere.  The issues expressed seemed to come from an attitude of entitlement, selfishness, and gross sexism.  They appeared to be following in the mold of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations as if no other lives matter, no one else suffers hardship at the hand of government or business, and any sense of morality is now off limits.

The demands represented by these demonstrations were as disparate and ill-conceived as the “Occupy Wall Street One Percenters” movement.  Both clearly reflected the Communist agenda:  Equal pay and equal outcomes for everyone; disregard for religion, religious morality, substituted with an “anything goes – don’t judge anything” amorality; irrelevance of national borders and immigration for everyone, and a one-world utopia.

The hypocrisy of all of this is stupefying.  “Judge less” or “don’t judge” is great as long as the people they disagree with are the ones who don’t judge.    Yet these protestors judged their hearts out against those they disagree with.

And the “babes” who virtually sell their bodies and souls to get ahead in their chosen professions and work places are disgusting to me.  Then they cry foul 10, 20, 30 years later after they earned their filthy lucre.  Respect in the workplace indeed.  They sold out!  The women were enablers.  They allowed it to happen due to their own greed and lack of morality.

One young lady was asked why she was there:  “I’m for equality.”  That’s it.  Equality in what?  Jobs?  Pay?  Age of death?  Sports?  IQ?  Motivation?  Body parts?  Gender?

And many are so blind, dumb, or selfish in the face of the reality that abortion is murder, yet they continue to insist on still MORE “abortion rights.”  Sick.

The giveaway that the huge majority of demonstrators were comprised of liberal democrats, socialists, Communists, and America haters was that there was a “we hate Trump” thread running throughout their proceedings.

And of coarse the media glorifies this madness.

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Brother michael said...

It is boundless with emotion; not reality. And there'll be no end to it in our lifetime. If there is a solution, greater minds need to come up with it, but it'll have to be based on some sort of "counter-emotion." Not logic. Where will it end? Who knows.