Sunday, January 14, 2018

Here’s where we are with name calling and slander

We have reached the point where name-calling has become vicious slander verging on libel.  It is the tool of choice of the left, progressives and those who abhor the heritage, exceptionalism and success of our nation.

We have reached the point where if we call a black man “a murderer” for murdering someone, we are a racist.

If we call a Muslim “a terrorist” for committing an act of terror by blowing up a train  station, we are an Islamophobe.

If we point out the fact that hundreds of  illegal immigrants commit violent crimes, we are labelled “haters.”

The most recent example is when George Stephanopoulos asked Donald Trump “are you a racist?”  Why did he ask this question?  Because President Trump had the audacity to propose that our immigration policies should favor immigrants from nations that have something to offer this country.  It is a fact that immigrants from many African and Caribbean nations will further stress our already overburdened health, welfare, education, and employment systems.  In fact, haplessly inviting the poverty-stricken, illiterate, and anti-Americans of the world  will make matters worse for millions of existing US citizens who are already having difficulty finding jobs, getting a decent education, and securing needed health services.

In other words, the corrupt, biased media and leftist politicians don’t abide facts.  They would rather gain points by lying, slandering  and distorting what is said by those with whom they disagree.

Next time a reporter asks an insulting question like “are you a racist”, the response should be “why did you shoot your mother?”


Brother Michael said...

You hit the nail on the preverbial head. But again, the choir already knows the meaning of the hymn. It's nearly impossible to reach the people on the street. They don't want to hear it. I've come to realize the left acts on emotion; the right acts on logic. It's a right brain left brain thing...and I don't believe it will ever change. Fatalistic? Yeh, in a gridlock sort of way.

Unknown said...

Very good.