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Southern Poverty Law Center lists reputable Christian Ministries as “hate groups”…

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently added a number of conservative, Christian, Islam awareness and related groups to their list of “hate groups.”  Of course, the mainstream media (MSM) uses the SPLC as if it were “the Gospel” (is it allowed to use that word?) when they report to so-called “news.”  Robert Spencer's “Jihad Watch”, Pamela Geller’s “Geller Report”, and Brigitte  Gabriel’s  “Act for America” are current examples.  There are many others.

Among the most recent is one of the most reputable Christian ministries I know:  The D. James Kennedy Ministries.

I am personally familiar with the people involved in that Christian ministry.  It is one of the most solidly Christian ministries I have known.  And the SPLC has declared them a “hate group.”

That means that anyone who embraces traditional Christian doctrine, whether Presbyterian, Catholic, Baptist, or even Latter Day Saints are subject to slander as “haters.”

D. James Kennedy Ministries is among the first to declare “enough is enough.”  They filed suit against the slandering SPLC.

HERE is a post by Pam Geller on the subject where she reports,

This is most welcome and encouraging. The Southern Poverty Law Center has been defaming perfectly good organizations for years, with no pushback at all and blanket acceptance from an enemedia that never even once asks what makes this sinister group a valid arbiter of what constitutes a hate group and what doesn’t. It is great to see that free people are beginning to fight back. I wish the D. James Kennedy Ministries all success.

I don’t usually solicit contributions for organization in my blogs, but I’ll make this  situation my first exception.

If you feel moved to contribute toward D. James Kennedy Ministries to help defend Christianity and expression of the Christian faith and conservative values, please do so via the linked website HERE.

Closely related to this ongoing SPLC slander attack is a video by Andrew Klaven titled “Shut Up!”.  It is a summation is what the left is doing all across the nation to silence conservative, Christian, patriot, and pro-US constitutionalist views.

Those like the SPLC, ANTIFA and others who slander and protest against Christians, patriots, law-abiding and freedom loving people the loudest, accusing us of being “Nazis”, are the ones acting like haters and Nazis.

Below is a letter from Jerry Newcombe, the Executive Director of D. James Kennedy Ministries, describing the despicable and irresponsible actions of the SPLC and how the MSM blindly follows…

What Is Hate and Who Gets to Define It? The SPLC?

by Jerry Newcombe, D.Min.

A headline on Drudge (8/21/17) declares that Google is teaming up with “liberal groups to snuff out conservative websites.” Apparently the search-engine giant is partnering with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and other left-wing groups to document and publicize “hate crimes and events” in America.

After the terrible events in Charlottesville, any God-fearing, rational American would welcome this news, correct? The problem, however, is that by allowing groups like the SPLC to define what is hate and who is a hater, they show how dangerous this development could be.

Jerry Boykin of the Family Research Council, an organization once attacked by a man convicted as a domestic terrorist because they were included on the SPLC Hate Map, said, “The Southern Poverty Law Center is reckless in labeling groups as hate groups or labeling individuals as hate mongers, and they do both. They have no authority to do so.”

I work for a group, D. James Kennedy Ministries, which the SPLC has falsely designated a “hate group” because we don’t believe in same-sex marriage. That view doesn’t make us unique. Up until the last few years, the majority of Americans did not believe in it either—nor did Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, according to their public statements up until 2012.

Yet, according to the SPLC, we’re “haters.” The irony that I’m supposedly a hater is that I am anything but. Daily I strive to pray the Prayer of St. Francis: “Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace. Where there is hatred, let me replace it with love…” And so on.

Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore lost his office twice, in part because of actions by the SPLC. First, they joined with other liberal groups to sue him for a public display of the Ten Commandments. Then in 2012, he won the election as Chief Justice again for Alabama, but the SPLC filed a legal complaint against him for his stance in favor of traditional marriage---a stance that 81 percent of the voters in Alabama took in 2006 to amend their Constitution.

I got to interview Chief Justice Moore recently for our television program, “Profit$ of Hate,” about the Southern Poverty Law Center. Moore accused the SPLC essentially of psychological projection.

Moore, who is now running for the U.S. Senate, said, “The Southern Poverty Law Center has had Ben Carson [the renowned neurosurgeon] on their hate list. They’ve had Tony Perkins and his organization [the above-mentioned Family Research Council] on their hate list. The truth is: they’re the ones that hate. They hate God, and they hate the acknowledgment of God; and [yet] they call other people haters.”

The SPLC likes to fancy itself as doing the unfinished work of the civil rights movement---which they have now linked to same-sex marriage and transgender rights, and so on.

For our program, I also got to interview Ricardo Davis, an African-American who is the president of Georgia’s Right-to-Life and is also the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Georgia, which is on the SPLC’s hate list as an alleged antigovernment group. Davis commends the SPLC for the good work they did in the waning days of the civil rights movement. But he notes that Dr. Martin Luther King’s movement was undergirded by faith in God and in the Bible. In contrast, what the SPLC is promoting today is often in contradiction to faith in God and in the Bible.

Davis told our viewers, “If I could say something to [SPLC co-founder] Morris Dees right now, what I would say is, ‘Morris, you came alongside my father’s generation to help them get out from under injustice and it was unjust because it violated God’s Word…. but now, you’re on the wrong side of history’.”

Critics note that even many of the actual hate groups on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Map (such as the Ku Klux Klan) have been on the wane for decades. But Morris Dees and the SPLC manage to make huge profits by scaring people into thinking that behind virtually every bush in America is some sort of hate-monger.

Davis added, “What did Jesus say? What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world? If he keeps his mailing list up to date, if he rakes in millions and millions of dollars, yet loses his soul?  And The Southern Poverty Law Center in particular is an organization that has lost the soul and energy behind the civil rights movement. The honorable thing to do would be to repent and believe the gospel.”

We should all work to end true hate in America. But defining the politics of someone you merely disagree with as “hate” just muddies the waters and further divides us as a nation.

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