Saturday, August 13, 2016

If you don’t like either candidate, at least learn the vast differences between them…

Can you guess which presidential candidate is on which side?

Maybe the terms “liberal” and “conservative” and “left” and “right” have somewhat lost their meaning in the past year.  But the divide has become more stark and clear than ever.

The distinctions that have come to the fore, even though they’ve existed for decades, is “nationalist” and “one-worlder”.

The leftists, socialists, all Democrats, progressives and communists have, for a long time, favored giving up national sovereignty for a one world government.  Their methods of choice include,

  • Eliminate national borders
  • Unlimited immigration, without qualification or potential benefit to the nation no matter how much it may create unemployment and lower wages for existing citizens.
  • Devoting vast quantities of citizen taxpayer dollars on social, medical, and educational services for non-citizen illegal immigrants.
  • Destructive and violent protest
  • Discredit law enforcement
  • Lying and other manifestations of amorality come naturally.  The means justify the ends.
  • Ignore or flaunt established law, especially in “sanctuary cities” and especially those in high government positions.
  • No voter ID; non-citizen illegal immigrants allowed to vote
  • In state tuition at state universities for illegal immigrant non-residents
  • Anti-military
  • Maintain that all religions and beliefs are basically the same – one no better or worse than another - as long as they abide by world norms.  Islam is deemed equal to Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, and atheism in spite of Islam's doctrines and practice of jihad, sharia, taqiyya, supremacism and intolerance.
  • Consider “free trade” that eliminates duties, tariffs, and quotas (this has been a Republican pet for quite a while) to achieve a “level playing field” among nations, no matter how much such policy may create unemployment and lower wages for the nation’s workforce.
  • Unconcern about energy independence and, instead, reliance on other nations for our resource needs.
  • Relinquishing national sovereignty to a multi-national or world authority, I.e. the United Nations, NAFTA and TPP.
  • Allow extra-national authority to enforce the nation’s laws as that authority deems fit.  Such laws are currently focusing on limiting free speech that might offend someone, even though such speech might be true, gender-blurring, and environmental controls that may or may not be based on sound science.
  • Allocation of significant resources and propaganda (aka “reeducation”) toward the elimination or rewriting of national history, culture and religion to make room for their “better” one-world ideology. 
  • Promotion of reliance on government for all things.

This is what the one-world’ers pander to…

Milwaukee Rioter: Rich People Got All This Money… ‘Don’t Give Us None’ – So We Burn Gas Stations (Video)

On the other side of the great divide are those known as “rightists, conservatives, a segment of Republicans, patriots, nationalists, constitutionalists, traditionalists, and lately, the “evil” term “nativist” oh my.  These folks believe in their homeland, their nation, their culture and their religion.

The methods used by these folks generally consist of…

  • Protecting our borders.
  • Displaying the American flag
  • Attending church
  • Praying
  • Supporting local police
  • Supporting our military and veterans
  • Working for a living
  • Paying taxes
  • Honesty and morality come before expediency.
  • Supporting our Constitution
  • Respecting and abiding by our laws
  • Expressing concern about the true nature of Islam, its doctrines, and its propensity for supremacism, intolerance and a seditious form of governance known as sharia.
  • Wanting trade policies that create more good paying jobs.
  • Promoting energy independence.
  • Expressing desire for lower taxes, less regulation, and smaller government
  • Promotion of personal responsibility 

Those who consider our nation, our government, and our culture as nothing special will tend to be among the first group.

Those who who consider our nation, our government, and our culture as a special place, a one time in world history place to be protected and enhanced will tend to b e among the second group.

There are two presidential candidates running.  One is representing the interests of the first group.  The other is representing the interests of the second group.

One loves the status quo.  The other hates the status quo.  In fact he hates it so much that many who are less concerned about the status quo accuse him of being insensitive and saying outrageous things.  In fact, I believe he speaks as he does out of his passion to correct the stupid, nation-killing things our past and current policy makers and media have promoted.

Your choice.  I know mine.

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Brother Michael said...

To me, a spot-on assessment and comparison. I know my choice for president. May the best man win.