Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I now know why Bush said nothing during the Obama atrocities…

…and it had NOTHING to do with the tradition of “respect” for the “Office.”

For the past 8 years I wondered why ex-President Bush said nothing, absolutely NOTHING about the manner the Obama administration was running this country into the ground.  He said nothing about dissing Israel.  He said nothing about bowing to our enemies.  He said nothing about Obamacare’s destruction of our health care system.  He said nothing about running interference for Muslims while ignoring the plight of Christians.

Bush played the “tradition card” while remaining the blind, deaf, and dumb to Obama’s policies of destruction of our nation’s standing, influence, power, and wealth.

Wouldn’t you think that 8 years of the Obama debacle, a new anti-American maneuver at every turn, would have elicited some comment about the problem from a former President?  Tradition didn’t stop Cheney from speaking out.

The last few months of the presidential campaign has made the REAL reason abundantly and painfully clear.

Bush is part of the Washington power elite – part of the core of the establishment every bit as much as those who brought Obama to power.  Every bit as much as those who are working to keep Hillary in power.  Bush is one and the same as the power structure that has controlled our nation’s direction for decades.

Bush had no problem with the way things were going.  Maybe he would have accomplished the same things in a slightly different way.  But the general direction – eliminate borders, facilitate large scale immigration, defer to regional and world governance, reduce our own autonomy, defend Islam as the same as any other religion – would have been exactly the same.  These things have been long pre-ordained by the elite.

Image result for republican roaches exposed to the lightTrump, an outsider, has shown a bright light on the roaches of this nation.  The Republican roaches are all scurrying away, if not overtly supporting the elite’s remaining “chosen one”, Hillary, but at least doing all they can to destroy Trump, the disruptor of their lucrative but rotten to the core apple cart.

Fifty Republican “national security experts” - those who have gotten us into the ISIS-building, Islam strengthening mess we are in - recently wrote a scathing letter of indictment of Trump.  Those 50 would be better known as “national insecurity” hacks. 

National Review and The Weekly Standard, thought of as conservative bastions of the right wing media, have been slamming Trump for the past year.

Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are rabidly anti-Trump.

Sally Bradshaw, a former Bush family friend, confidant, and adviser to the Jeb Bush campaign proclaimed she will vote for Hillary.  Seriously!  That statement speaks volumes of where Jeb’s head has been.

These manifestations of Trump hatred are not because Hillary is more honest, more likeable, more charming, a smarter human, would be a better leader or would do a better job than Trump.  These manifestations of Trump hatred are because Trump is an outsider and Hillary is the insider.  Trump will upset their cozy apple cart and Hillary will further the elitist’s lucrative positions of power and influence.

The network of Republican roaches permeated more nooks and crannies of Republicanism and faux conservatism than we ever imagined.

Many are wondering how far the “system” will go in assuring Trump’s failure in this election.  Will they merely persist in their attempts to discredit and smear everything he’s ever accomplished and every word he utters?  Or will they go further?

I’ve never heard so much speculation about the potential for a candidate’s assassination or the likelihood of an election-disrupting event as during this election.  

At the same time, the light has never shown so bright upon those in power who most of us believed represented our nation’s best interest only to discover that they have their own power and financial interests as their number one priority.

No wonder George “Islam is Peace” Bush had been so silent during Obama “the destroyer” Hussein Obama’s reign.


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Brother Michael said...

The most rational rationale I've seen. Right on.

truthwanted said...

I believe you're right. It's time for anyone who wants to believe truth, not BS, to add up the pieces, giving NO EXCUSES to deceivers, ESPECIALLY NOT DECEIVERS IN HIGH PLACES, SUCH AS BUSH Jr., BUSH Sr., many Republican cockroaches, and ALL the "democrat" communists, as far as I know. As you said, I agree, enriching themselves with power and money is their priority, NOT the best interests of America. The name for that is TREACHERY AND ABUSE OF POWER. The result of it should be maximum punishment for THE WORST OF CRIMES, because that's what it is!