Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Paint chips, and the Republican Spirit…

I doubt I am the only one who noticed this not so subtle display of the Republican spirit.  Image result for paint chipsThose who love to build, remodel, and improve things are familiar with the ubiquitous paint chip.  It is the Republican equivalent of the gay’s Rainbow and the left’s right-facing arrow through a big H.

The paint chip:  Let’s build something together as Home Depot likes to say.

The stage of the Republican National Convention was adorned with what?  Paint chips!

Image result for republican convention stageAnd did you notice how they changed color with every speaker?  Sweet! 

The paint chip:  Symbol of the positive remodeling, improving, building spirit of the Republican Party.  I will bet that this was the idea of one of the Trumps.  If I had to guess which one, I’d say Ivanka.


Brother Michael said...

I didn't notice the color chips, but it's really cool and clever.

Speaking of colors, I learned this morning that the Democrat convention stage was void of certain colors...namely the red white and blue of the United States flag. I've noted for many decades that the only time the left wing (including democrats) displays our flag is when they're burning it. They have proven over and over (and most notably by the example of our current president) that they are not patriots in the traditional sense. They do NOT love our country. I wish they would all go to Syria! (I just realized that what I just wrote is worse than wishing them to all go to hell!)

Gerardo Moochie said...

Correct. I understand that the Democrats consider the American Flag to be a Republican symbol, so they try not to display it at every opportunity.