Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dems: The Party of “Not Responsible for Anything” aka “The Irresponsible Party”

And Email Scandal, Act II

The Democrat party has exposed itself to what it has become – as exposed as the Party’s and Hillary’s emails.

The Party has become the “take no blame - take no responsibility” Party.   It assumes no blame and takes no responsibility – for anything.

It began with Obama’s incessant blame of Bush for the economy – a full six years into his own terms of office.

It continues with Obama’s blaming everything about the United States for the violence and unrest in the Middle East – our history, Capitalism, our culture.

Hillary continued the tradition by falsely blaming a home made, but historically accurate video about Muhammad for a planned Islamic terror attack that killed our Ambassador to Libya and others.

Hillary continued being Hillary by lying throughout the “server-gate” investigation – not taking responsibility for exposing dozens if not hundreds of Secret, Top Secret, and even higher classified documents to easy hacking and theft.  She simply ignores the compromised national security that resulted.

Now the Democratic Party’s own security has been compromised through another email breach.  The Party’s “experts” blame it on the Russians – and by inference, Trump.

Why oh why can they not take responsibility for their own failures?  Why can’t they admit, as in Hillary’s case, that they have poorly secured servers and poor and careless email security?  Why do they have to blame someone else yet again?  Of course, this deflects attention away from the nasty content of these Democrat emails that have inflamed members of their own Party.

And here’s a thought:  IF Russia did the hack, why wouldn’t they favor Bernie, the more openly Communist between him and Hillary?

This “take no blame – take no responsibility” policy of the Democratic Party has also become the hallmark of their Party Platform.

  • Guns are to blame – the shooters (almost always Democrat) are not responsible.
  • Workplace violence is to blame – the Islamic ideology that incites Muslims to violence is not responsible, nor are the Muslims (almost always Democrat) responsible.
  • “Blame America First” is the centerpiece of Democrat foreign policy.
  • “Blame capitalism” is the centerpiece of Democrat domestic policy.
  • “Blame civilization first” is their “climate change/global warming”-based environmental policy.

All of this blame is used to justify the need for bigger governments and less individual responsibility.   Individual freedom and individual responsibility is, after all,  to blame for all of our ills.  Only government can fix it.  Government is NEVER to blame for anything – especially BIGGER government.

The centerpiece of the Democratic Convention – “take no blame – take no responsibility.”

Islamic Terror not mentioned once during first day of Convention.  Its as if these people live in a make believe fantasy land.


About the beheading of a Priest in Normandy, France, today…

The beheaded Priest’s boss, the Archbishop of Rouen, called the Muslim beheader a “victim.”

UPDATE 1220 BST — Archbishop of Rouen describes alleged Islamist killers as “victims” in statement
Away from his diocese at the World Youth Day celebrations in Krakow, Poland the archbishop of Rouen has released a statement
on the death of one of his priests this morning, which strangely seems to identify both the slain clergyman and his killers as “victims”.

He said: “I have learnt with sadness of the killing this morning at the Church of Saint-Etienne du Rouvray. The three victims: the priest, Father Jacques Hamel, 84, and the perpetrators of the assassination.

The Catholic Church and its ignorant leaders better get a grip on reality.  They, too, apparently live in a fantasy land.

If that Archbishop were in the States, he would be a Democrat.  He wouldn’t even have to be a citizen.


Unknown said...

Every day that passes reveals that our nation's leaders et al are in some type of time warp which transcends reality. It's as if I'm living in a dream world. I only hope I wake up to find that it was all a bad dream. Alas, this is todays reality.
Bob D

Brother Michael said...

Dreyfus summed it up precisely. It is like we're living a nightmare. Where and how will it end?