Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The US in 2050: Would we want to live here?

35 years from now, few people over the age of 50 today will exist.  Thirty somethings today will be 65.  Teenagers will be in their 50’s.  Newborns in their 30’s.

90% of kids today spend  more than 70% of their waking hours in public schools and public and private universities being indoctrinated in liberal and Godless ideologies.  Morality will become more and more “relative”, e.g. “situational.”  For example, can we kill others?  Sure, if it benefits society (which can be very problematic.)  So, abortions and birth control will be the norm, and euthanasia will flourish for the elderly and sickly.  The normalization of homosexual relationships will further erode birthrates.  Birth rates among native born Americans will plummet.  A rapid change in cultural “norms” will stress cultural transition and relations. 

Immigration standards will be relaxed and amnesty will be granted without requiring any significant indoctrination into American history, culture or government.  Not just the great numbers of immigrants, but their lack of education, their attitudes and motivation will overwhelm our service systems and financial capacity.  Government handouts will become a greater motivation to immigrate than work.  Assimilation will be neither desired nor encouraged among the newcomers.    See “Baby Democrats” HERE.

Today’s minorities - Latinos, blacks, Muslims – will become the majority.  Whites, Christians, western Europeans will become the minority.

The Judeo-Christian underpinnings that served our nations founding and its 200 years of prosperity and civil behavior will be long forgotten, erased from our history books and our collective memories.

If political correctness continues on its current track, be careful about expressing yourself.  Do you have a conservative view of economics, government, religion, or life in general different than the progressive “mainstream?”  Do you encourage or promote Judeo-Christian moral standards? If so, gird yourself for persecution.  See the movie Persecuted.  You will be subject to being marginalized in our culture in a number of ways:  Loss of job, loss of reputation, fines, penalties, and imprisonment.  Being labeled “bigot” and “intolerant” will be mild compared to the new version of “tolerance” promoted in 2050 America.  We are seeing the beginnings of this today.  See the new book “God less America.”

Today the practical policies of Republicans and Democrats are barely distinguishable (despite the rhetoric), only by degrees:  Degrees of excessive taxation, regulation, and government largess to special interests.  Most of our working age population will lose most of their incentive to work.  We will be conditioned to game the system.  National productivity will plummet.  Work ethic?  What’s that?

By 2050 we will rival 3rd world nations economically, or, at best, we will mirror today’s struggling Eurozone nations.  In 35 years (if we survive that long as a nation) we will have given away the government farm, so to speak.  We will not only lose much of our identity as a nation, but our government will submit itself to international control – the “one world” government that many of our leaders have promoted since the 50’s and which most are promoting today, either consciously or unconsciously.  The vested financial interests of too many of our leaders lie outside of our nation.  Our national borders will be no more than the boundaries of taxation and census zones.  Promoting nationalism or national autonomy will be contrary to federal policy. 

We will, by 2050, have gone through several severe austerity programs in the manner of recent Greece and Italy fiascos.  As a consequence of having to reduce government entitlements (in this case excessive government largess that bankrupted our nation), we will see periods of sustained urban rioting.  There may be periods when political factions call up militias, where states call up the national guard, where our military is called upon to suppress an angry citizenry, or  where rogue units of our military attempt to thwart an out of control authoritarian government.

This chaos is likely to result in some regional balkanization (northeast/Midwest/south/north central/far west) or rural regions vs. urbanized zones.  There may be some point where either the “haves/have nots” or the “patriots*/progressives*” become polarized to the point of creating their own mini-states or enclaves, formal or informal.  The “have nots” are likely to be the aggressors against the “haves.”  The “patriots” will be subject to legal sanctions by the “progressives” to the point of patriot rebellions of various sorts, a la the Boston Tea Party of old.

Living in the US in 2050 will be like living in Rome in the early 400’s.  See HERE.

Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “America” asks us to imagine the world without her.  Now we can imagine an America without the America as we knew her.


*Patriots:  Comprised of fiscal and social conservatives, devout Christians and Jews, most libertarians, most hard workers and entrepreneurs, and those who feel strongly about preserving the US Constitution.

*Progressives:  Comprised of liberals, Communists, hippie types, Muslims, most of academia, most uneducated, and those who rely on the government to maintain their style of living (either employees or welfare recipients.)

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