Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Obamahood: Coerced vs. Voluntary Giving…

Despite all his great sounding words, our president’s agenda is all about eliminating what progressives call “economic inequality.”  Despite his speech that will seem to contain all the right words about hard work, creating opportunity for all, and expanding the middle class, we must understand this is a deception. 

The president stands for and will promote wealth redistribution at every opportunity:  Forcibly take, by the powers of the government, from the productive and give to the unproductive.  Coerced giving is known as stealing.  And that is what the Obama administration, as well as the majority in Congress, Republicans and Democrats, is all about. 

It matters not that every government tax law and program that steals from the haves to give to the have nots stifles incentives, kills productivity, and destroys innovation.  It is a human character destroying policy.  Greater economic inequality will be the real result.

Here are several examples: 

Obama’s proposed executive order to increase the minimum wage for government contractors takes more from the taxpayer – who comprise only 50% of us and declining – to give to those working on government programs without any expectation of increased productivity.

Obamacare is the biggest coerced wealth redistribution scheme since the progressive income tax.  Because the majority who are signing up will have low premiums and high health care needs, it is virtually assured that a taxpayer bailout will be required.  Proven, reliable actuarial tables for health care expenses  versus premium generation are thrown out the window.

The reach and power of the federal government is growing like a cancer and invading virtually every aspect of our lives.  Our communications, our accounts, our travel, what we eat, the products we are allowed to buy (e.g. lightbulbs), how our children are taught in schools (Common Core), our health care, the defensive weapons we are allowed to purchase, what decreasing portion of our incomes we are allowed to keep, our money spent to prop up our sworn enemies in the Middle East – all of these things are manifestations of federal confiscation of our resources to give to programs and entities that reduce our freedoms and compromise our national security.

The irony is that those of us opposed to this federal confiscation of our incomes and resources are called heartless and un-Christian by progressives.

Newsflash to progressives:  Christians are not Muslims.  We don’t believe in coercion by some higher dogmatic, bureaucratic decree.  We believe that giving must be voluntary – from the heart – not coerced.  We believe that religion becomes evil when it becomes coercive.  We believe government becomes evil when it exceeds its constitutional and moral authority.    We believe in personal responsibility and hard work – and personal sacrifice when required to achieve our goals – OUR goals.  We don’t believe that the lazy or unmotivated or professional takers should be rewarded by government largess at the expense of those who are hard working.  We should obey government, sure.  But that does not mean we ought to be silent about its abuses.  It doesn’t mean we should stand by and do nothing about its abuses.  In our government we ARE the government.  It is an obligation as a responsible member of society to speak out and act when government stampedes our means of livelihood and economic freedoms.

The role of the federal government has gone way way beyond its constitutional purpose.  It has become not merely paternal, but has become the dictator and the thief.  It is not just protecting us from foreign threats, but it is sacrificing our domestic tranquility with its coercive greed.


rjones said...

As usual you do an excellent job tearing apart the progs agenda.
When he said that he would work with "all of you", meaning Congress,but would go around you with executive orders and the Dems stood and cheered, I was sickened. They are willing to cede all federal authority to the executive and do it gladly. At that point I had to go watch the Bourne Identity for the 3rd time to keep my sanity.
Sat with some friends and acquaintances at work today. The talk is "martial law", stockpiles of ammunition, railroads being upgraded to handle cargo that is not spoken of. And these are real everyday people. They are getting ready to protect what they have and not give in without a fight.

Art said...

Obama lied several times in his speech. Nothing new.