Saturday, December 21, 2013

At what point is compromise facilitating what we stand against?

We are well past the point of compromise being a productive solution in a number of things.

In the federal budget battles, continuing Republican compromise, and those in the electorate who believe this is the only rational way “forward” (not caring where “forward” actually leads) are in their blissfully wishful thinking mode.

When an $800 billion debt increase is proposed, is it really helpful to compromise with a $500 billion dollar debt increase when we need to be thinking seriously about a debt reduction?  That sounds rather insane.

Budget compromise takes us to the fiscal precipice just a tiny bit slower.  I guess that’s a good thing if you expect to check out fairly soon and you don’t really care what happens in the next year or next decade.  But that really is somewhat short sighted, and, dare I say it, selfish.  It is better to stick by our principles, what we know is right.  If the other side persists in their insanity, let them take the system down without the blood of the failure being on our hands.

The same can be said of moral compromise.  Succumbing to the political pressures of the homosexual, OK, the entire LGBT lobby, who represent maybe 2% to 5% of our population is another self-destructive compromise.  How far we have fallen over the last 50 years.  Phil Robertson was absolutely correct in his example he was condemned for expressing.  Fifty years ago, not many in this nation, not the media, not the leadership, not the average Joe on the street would have thought that the overt practice, defense, and promotion of homosexuality would be standard fare in our culture yet here it is.  Just as likely, and a logical extension, is that bestiality, man-child love, and other gross perversions will be protected rights in a few decades.  What’s to stop it?  The moral floodgates have lifted.  The filth is streaming in. The pandering by the media and corporate elite is in full bloom.  It is now taboo to speak against immorality, perversion, and filth.  The persecution of Christians who express their Bible-based beliefs is well underway.  We are being intimidated into silence about morality.  Amorality and “tolerate everything” are the new gold standard.  I say nuts to that.

Some are saying that A &E’s action (and now Cracker Barrel) have created a backlash.  It’s about time.  I hope the backlash is just the beginning.  I am sick of evil being proclaimed as good and good, evil.

In the case of both fiscal and moral matters, compromise is not helpful.  It only enables evil and greed to flourish.

HERE is a great comment on this topic by Joel McDurmon of American Vision.

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rjones said...

Gerry, you have a way with words. I so wish that I was able to express my thoughts as clearly as you do yours. And we're pretty close to the same positions.
I've emailed A & E and given them my opinion in a polite but firm way. I have also contacted my cable provider and told them to remove A & E from my package. If that cannot be done I will find a provider that supply the programs I want and not the networks that I do not wish to support.