Friday, November 08, 2013

Obama: Lying and Lying World Views…

Conservatives are generally of two types: There are fiscal conservatives and social conservatives.

Fiscal conservatives are those who live by and promote the practice of living within our financial means, both personally and governmentally.

Social conservatives are those who live by and promote the practice of living by means of Godly standards set forth in Judeo-Christian scriptures, both personally and governmentally, whether or not they actually go to synagogue or church.

Some of us are both. Most social conservatives are also fiscal conservatives. But fewer fiscal conservatives are also social conservatives.

Does it matter if you or our elected leaders are social conservatives or not?  Yes, it DOES matter.

Example: To lie or not to lie.

The major world views (predisposition to believe and act certain ways) that promote or indulge lying are these:
  • Communism: The end justifies the means, including lying
  • Liberalism: Bigger government justifies the means, including lying
  • Islamism: The promotion of Islam justifies the means; Taqiyya (a significant Islamic doctrine) is lying or deception to defend Muslims or to promote Islam.
  • Narcissism:  Personal happiness or reputation justifies the means, including lying.

Judeo-Christianity explicitly condemns lying, e.g. “thou shalt not bear false witness”; “the Lord strongly dislikes a lying tongue” and many others.  Sure, some Jews and Christians, in human weakness, lie, but their faith condemns it. To the contrary, many other world views either officially promote or live with the practice to achieve the purposes of their world view.

Now enter President Obama, the narcissistic Communist/Islam-inspired liberal. Does he lie? Absolutely! His most recent lies are his infamous statements about Obama Care and keeping our own health plans and doctors when many cannot. And then saying he didn’t say it when he DID say it - over 29 times, explicitly, as in “period.” And the liberal, narcissistic  legislators calling it the “Affordable Health Care Act” when it is anything but. Obama lies so much that there is a website devoted to his lies:

Congress could use their own lying website.
Obama and his administration provide a stark example of our Judeo-Christian-inspired nation living off the receding light of Biblical morality.

Does social conservatism matter? If we want less lying it does.  And our experience with Obama should tell us it most certainly does matter.

One more tidbit about "social conservatism."  Social conservatism has as its foundation the concept of morality, mostly rooted in Biblical morality.  Our nation's monetary system is based on the full faith and credit of the US government.  Our leaders represent our government.  If our leaders are corrupt, so is our government.  What happens to our "fiat" currency which is dependent on faith in a government that is perceived as being corrupt?  Answer:  Faith is lost in our monetary system, our monetary system is seen as corrupted and worthless and ultimately collapses.  Wishful thinking only survives so much corruption.

HERE is a concise article explaining the connection between a moral society and a sound monetary system.  This is based on the following principle:

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  John Adams.

This applies equally to our monetary system.

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