Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas and anti-Christmas religious scrooges…

Christmas is rightfully criticized for the commercialism, materialistic frenzies and general greed the season promotes.

But there is another form of criticism that is promoted by both religious purists and by Jehovah’s Witnesses.  It is the understanding that Christmas has been founded on pagan celebrations from before Christ (winter solstice), it has been infiltrated by pagan symbols and rituals (Santa and every imaginable bangle), and isn’t even celebrated on the authentic time of year of Christ’s birth (springtime).

To these I say, bah, humbug!  Live with it.  Celebrate or don’t celebrate this holiday any way you like.  For the rest of us Christmas is a sacred time of remembering, honoring, and celebrating the birth of our Savior.  What difference does it really make what time of year this is done?  Maybe even once a month would be better.  Celebrate and honor the birth in remembrance of what the Savior’s birth is all about. 

Look upon as many traditions as you can for their sometimes forgotten sacred meanings, whether it is shopping and gift giving (Christ was born to give the ultimate gift), the joy of celebration (Christians have a lot to celebrate), the bright and colorful lights and decorations (Christ brought light to a dark and unforgiving world), and any other symbol of Christmas that receives the glare of criticism. 

As the early church has done, why not turn pagan-centered corruption into sacred, Christ honoring celebration?  The pagans and secularists criticize and debase sacred tradition all the time.  There is nothing wrong with turning the tables and using the pagan’s traditions to promote the real truth of what God came to earth to do.

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