Thursday, June 06, 2013

Out of control government spying on the wrong targets

Government gone rogue…

Are you beginning to not recognize our nation?

What a combination of revelations over the last couple of weeks.  I’m all for tracking the Islamic threat in the US.  Wasn’t that what the post-9-11 new Department of Homeland Security and Patriot Act were created to address?

Talk about  the American people being duped.  I was all for the Patriot Act after 9-11.  I was naïve enough to believe we could trust the federal government – believe what they said, and believed that they would do the “right thing” following 9-11 – go after the “bad guys.”  I should have known better when days after 9-11 President Bush declared Islam is a “religion of peace” and one of his first stops was the Muslim Mosque in DC to help make Muslims feel more secure about their hatred of our our way of life.  But I didn’t.  My oh my what oil money will buy.

Instead, over the past several years, particularly under the Obama regime, we have learned that Homeland Security has been targeting returning vets, and gun and Bible owning patriots.

And now, this week, we learn that the federal government has focused its spying on conservatives, reporters, and phone-subscribing Americans – through every means imaginable, and more.  What happened to the focus on the Islamic ideology that attacked us and continues to do so?  Sadly, that never has been the focus.  We are all suspects!

What we have is a government that has subverted the published intention of the Patriot Act – which was to defend our country against the Islamists who attacked and promised to attack again, and have - and turned it against Christian, Jewish, atheist, and agnostic Americans.   So not only has Washington ignored the real threat, Islamists, and focused it on patriotic Americans, but they have done it in an extraordinarily invasive and draconian manner.   My trust in the federal government has plummeted to the point that I feel like I live in a hostile foreign country.

It appears that every agency of the Federal Government is charged with the mission of ignoring Islamists and going after the average Joe American.  Yeah, you and I might not have anything to hide.  But there are sickening consequences for those of us who are caught in the cross-hairs of Washington treachery -  against those of us with the “wrong” belief system or ideology.  We are not “liberal”.  We are not “Muslim.”  We are not for “big government.”  We are the target.  Some of us, the Tea Parties, bloggers, outspoken citizens who write to their representatives, may face various forms of federal intimidation and punishment.  It may be from the IRS.  It may be from various licensing or inspection bureaus, it may be through health care manipulation.  The scenarios are endless.

I haven’t bothered posting any links to the myriad of news stories coming out fast and furiously on scandal upon scandal - intrusion upon intrusion – because the revelations are legion.

But here are the story headlines from the Drudge Report on June 6, 2013:

And just for the record:  Our federal government is under the influence of pro-Islamic interests and defenders more than I would have ever believed just three months ago.  There is a reason why our government officials don’t tell the truth about Islam and its orthodox fascists doctrines.  They are complicit, influenced, manipulated, and ignorant.  The Obama administration has invited dozens of so-called “moderate” Muslims (many of whom with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood which vows the demise of our nation) into national security positions.  Those of us who attempt to tell the truth about Islam are the new enemy – along with many of our friends and neighbors who are not thrilled with Washington.  And recent revelations of the targets of the Orwellian government intrusion into our lives is one proof.  Expect more treachery from a federal government agency gone bad near you.

Here are several recently published books that document the sad reality of Islamist domination of Washington:

Unlike many who are more libertarian than I am, I would not have minded extensive government surveillance targeted at the appropriate profile of likely terrorist, the overwhelming majority of whom have proven to be male Muslims between the ages of 15 and 40.  But to see the target shifted to mom and pop Americans is utterly sickening.

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