Sunday, June 23, 2013

Edward Snowden: Traitor or Hero is a Traitor

The Snowjob update June 23:

Snowden has ticket to Cuba, may go to Venezuela: Russian reports

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden is booked on a flight from Moscow to Cuba on Monday, Russian news agencies Interfax and Itar-Tass cited sources at Russian airline Aeroflot as saying on Sunday.

Itar-Tass cited its source as saying Snowden would fly from Havana to the Venezuelan capital, Caracas.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said it was looking into the situation and confirmed Snowden may be planning to travel through Moscow as a transit passenger en route to another destination.

Still believe Snowden is this innocent little brain-endowed waif?  Why would he travel to our country’s most vocal adversaries if he was not a traitor?  Are Iran and North Korea next?

More HERE from FOX News.


Original June 12 post…

Eddy Snowden, the 29-year old “morally superior” brat who used to have a top secret clearance is trying to frame the argument as if he is the one in control.  While his purpose has won some fans, his methods demonstrate the lack of maturity and judgment of a pre-pubescent playing with matches in a dynamite factory.  While he may continue exuding blockbuster comments for awhile, he is anything but in control.

Does he even care that he chose the road of “traitor” to make his point? 

He claims he is neither traitor nor hero.  That he is “an American.”

Well, Eddy baby.  News flash.  You are an idiot.  While you have your rebel fans, you sold out your claim to the moral high road when you chose the “tabloid trash” method of exposing a perceived wrong.  And that story is looking a bit dodgy.  Don’t you think there were better ways of getting the word out?  You know darn well you could have sought out a sympathetic Congressman or two (Rand Paul comes to mind) to initiate Congressional hearings.  That would have lent a lot more legitimacy to what now appears to be a case of espionage and sedition.

Does this acting-out juvenile know how bad it looks on his part, a high school dropout, bouncing on over to China for protection?  More and more every day it looks like he was a groomed traitor rather than a sincere whistle blower.  He did not take the whistler blower route.  He did not keep his concerns “in the family.”  Instead, he went to mommy media, then to papa China.  Seriously.

While I believe those in Washington controlling our national security priorities have an agenda that is not in our nation’s best interests, I have enough faith in our system to believe that there are some in Congress who would have listened to and acted on this guys’ complaints.

Aside from baby Eddys’ gross lack of judgment (giving him the benefit of the doubt) unless he really was a plant, he revealed a huge weakness in our nation’s ability to keep secrets:  Too many contractors with too little skill and attention to hiring and monitoring practices essential to maintain our national security. 

Not only does Eddy’s head need to roll, there needs to be some serious scrutiny of the counter-intelligence methods we have in place to assure there aren’t dozens of other baby Eddy’s running around spilling their secret guts.

Here’s a comment from a Telegraph article that sums up my view:


I'm sorry, but I have a hard time accepting someone at Snowden's level deciding on his own to de-classify national security secrets, regardless of his motive.  Are we going to entrust our national security to some low level employee who decides they know better than everybody else?  Because that's what this comes down to. 

We head down this path and it won't take long before one of these "do-gooders" reveals information that directly leads to a terrorist attack and numerous casualties.

Bottom line, who is Edward Snowden to decide which national security secrets should be revealed to our enemies?  You might trust him to make those decisions, but I don’t.

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