Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More dissimilation from Occupy Wall Street

In the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” category is Karl Denninger.  Denninger is a “virtual” OWS protester who is weirdly portrayed as a conservative.  He is a rather strange animal who dabbles in economics and has embraced the credit of starting the Tea Party, along the lines of Al Gore inventing the internet.

His latest two very UN-conservative acts are 1)  highlighting police peace keeping actions taken out of context to incite anti- police outrage (not mentioning that the intent of the protestors is to bait police a hundred times a day, and 2) bragging on Russia Today that he is supporting the OWS movement – a very Dixie Chick-esque anti-American thing to do.
Here is Denninger’s entry on Wikipedia:
Karl Denninger was the CEO of MCSNet in Chicago, one of the area's first Internet providers. He is a founding contributer to conservative blog and was one of the early members of the Tea Party movement ("I cannot take credit for the idea floated on the forum, but I do like it").[1] Rick Santelli's CNBC mention of a tea party followed Mr. Denninger's blog entry on January 20th.
On January 20, 2009 Denninger published a blog post regarding the suggestion to mail tea-bags to the White House and Congress. The title of his post was "Tea Party February 1st?" It was written on the same day and in response to President Obama's inauguration[2], even though Denninger had voted for Obama.[3] The blog-post took issue with the bank bailouts, the US national debt and "the fraud and abuse in our banking and financial system" which included the predatory lending practices at the center of the home mortgage foreclosure crisis.[4]
Denninger, who helped form FedUpUSA in the wake of the March 2008 Federal Reserve bail-out of Bear Sterns, has been a guest on MSNBC, Glenn Beck and CNBC Reports.[5][6] By February 1, the idea had spread to various conservative and libertarian-oriented blogs, forums, websites and through a viral email campaign.[7]
On Oct 20, 2010, he blogged that Republicans had hijacked the Tea Party movement, and perverted its original goals to the standard Republican concerns of "guns, gays and God."[8].
Denninger stated on Russia Today that he supports the Occupy Wall Street movement.[9]

Denninger’s rants on his website take on a decidedly pro-anarchy, left wing community organizer slant.  Yes, anarchy and left wing do fit together just as well as Denninger and the OWS movement.  First comes anarchy – mock the idea of getting permits for protests, break the rules, discredit any authority, do all you can to incite the cops, flaunt the laws, raise hell, create chaos.  That is the anarchy part.  The leftist part is to get rid of capitalism and get the government involved in wealth redistribution.  The leftist part is also a huge dose of personal irresponsibility – an infantile urge to have others provide for them.  Denninger fits the mold of an uppity intellectual who believes he is god’s gift to socialism.  Perhaps he is.  Odd bird, indeed.  In fact there is a whole flock of them in the OWS movement.   Many well meaning people will be deceived.  It will not end well.

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