Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fear of offending suppresses the truth…

It is well known that many government and media officials have refrained from expressing the danger of the Islamic ideology so as not to offend Muslims who might be salvageable to convert to the true western vs. Islamic way of thinking.  I have mentioned this “political correctness” on many posts in this blog.  But such political correctness (I prefer to call it “political deception”) really just buries the truth and deflects public understanding about what is really going on.  This is never a good thing.  Ignorance is NOT bliss.

The same thing is at play when addressing the Stand With Israel effort many communities are involved in.  There are some who believe we need to avoid blaming President Obama for throwing Israel under the bus – for abandoning one of our best allies and supporting and promoting the enemies of Israel.  These people believe that the liberals, the Democrats, the Obama supporters who are on the fence about supporting Israel would be offended if the truth was used as a basis for supporting Israel.  So the truth of Obama’s direct complicity in undermining Israel’s defense and viability in the middle east is suppressed.  They don’t want to offend those who, in reality, are not that likely to support Israel. 

Is sacrificing the truth about the primary cause of bad policy worth not offending those who are in favor of that bad policy?  Is sacrificing the truth of Islam’s influence in promoting violence and terror worth not offending Muslims prone to violence?  Is sacrificing the truth of Obama’s role in destroying Israel worth not offending Obama fans who are not very likely to support Israel in any event?

My answer is no.  Those who believe that sacrificing the truth so as not to offend the forces who are against us is not only dishonest, but is suicidal.  I for one cannot have a great deal of respect for those who play this political game.  Yuck!

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