Saturday, June 11, 2011

ACLJ “gets it” about Islam… (almost)

Congratulations to the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) for stating the truth about Islam. 

Too many organizations, politicians, and media reports refer to the threat of Islam only coming from the so-called “radicals.”  They refer to “radical Islam” promoting Sharia, or “radical Muslims” contributing to Hamas.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The threat to the west comes from fundamentalist Islam.  That is how the ACLJ refers to the problem:  Fundamentalist Islam.

Fundamentalist Islam includes both so-called “moderate” Muslims as well as the radical Muslims.  The difference between them at any point in time is the moderate is not known to be aiding, planning, or participating in terror at the moment, while the radical is.

But they both have the same subversive goal and the same vile god.

The goal is to advance Islam and Sharia law throughout our country, and to impose the morality of their immoral god upon our population via Sharia law.

The ACLJ understands this by adopting more accurate verbiage to describe the Islam that we need to be concerned with.  It is the same Islam that it’s founder created, promoted, and warred over to impose it upon Jews and Christians of the sixth century in what is now Saudi Arabia": Fundamentalist Islam.

Don’t be deceived when others such as ACT! for America, which should know better, refers to our problem as “radical Islam.”  That is a dangerous and deceptive label that does not properly identify who and what we are up against.

ACLJ has a new booklet titled “Shari’ah Law:  Radical Islam’s Threat to the Constitution” (Yes, unfortunately they still use the modifier “radical” in the title, but the modifier “fundamentalist” is used in the text. They refer to “Islamic Jurists”, not “radical Muslims” as the promoters of Sharia law.  I’m assuming the title is an editorial faux pas. It appears that ACLJ is suffering a bit of verbal schizophrenia in their transition from politically correct terminology to more accurate and truthful terminology. )

The ACLJ has also produced a full length feature film that exposes Islam’s plans to end democracy.  Look for it at . 

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