Wednesday, October 27, 2010

America’s continuing blindness to Islamic threat…

Our government, especially those in high positions, higher education, our military, and in our media are ignorant or passive with regard to the Islamic threat.

What is meant by the “Islamic threat?” In a nutshell, the Islamic threat consists of the historic, orthodox doctrines of Islam as originated by Muhammad and contained in the Qur’an, and revived and promoted by the Islamic Brotherhood and similar organizations and their front groups. The “threat” inherent in these groups is the subversion of our form of government and our culture, economy, and our religions into that taught by Islam and embodied in its sharia laws. What is so bad about that, you ask? After all, we respect all religions. We are America. We have freedom of this, that, and the other. We can do, say, and promote anything we please, almost.

One interesting and key distinction between the cultural meanings we take for granted and what Islamic proponents are working toward imposing on us is the concept of “slander.” When we call something “slander” we refer to a derogatory lie said about someone. In Islam, slander is anything said about another that is offensive to that person, whether it is the truth or a lie. To tell a thief in the process of stealing something that he is a thief, and the thief is offended by that label, that is slander. The person who shouted “thief” committed slander and is subject to punishment by Islamic (sharia) law. This is an extension of the Islamic taqiyya toolbox: the doctrinal permission to lie to protect or not to offend.

We call such actions “being blunt,” “telling the truth,” “informative,” and “free speech.” Even our definition of slander is free speech if no damage can be shown in court. Consider the chilling effect the Islamic definition of “slander” has on free speech. The truth cannot be told about anyone or any organization or any action if that truth is thought to be offensive to that individual or organization.

This takes us to one of our greatest weaknesses that enables the advancement of Islam in this country: Our sensitivity to criticism of minorities. Muslims are milking every ounce of misguided compassion they can from America’s propensity to defend minorities. They do that by coupling their definition of “slander” with our sensitivity to criticism of minorities. This results in the “perfect storm” of America’s obliviousness to the seditious Islamic doctrines and intentions. Muslims can cry “slander” even when the truth is told about their ideology and the intent of their subversive front groups. And much of America falls in line, believing that even the truth about the evils of Islam is slander. This explains why some of the most seemingly kind-hearted, well meaning, but clueless liberals are taken in by this effective Islamic strategy.

The result is two-fold. Not only are the oblivious, taqiyya-ignorant Americans protective of Muslim inroads into the subversion of our culture but in addition, even those who are aware of Islamic doctrine and tactics are cowed into keeping their mouths shut.

One example is the tiptoeing around the truth of the root problem of Islam by one major “’Radical’ Islam” awareness group, ACT! For America. This organization, while doing much good work to expose some horrific aspects of Islam, refuses to publicly recognize “Islam” as the source of the deception, sedition, and sharia law that both American and foreign Muslims are in the process of imposing on our country. ACT! publicly refers to “radical” Islam as the root of the problem when in fact the root extends deep into Islam itself. ACT! refuses to publicly identify Islam, just plain Islam, as to root of this problem. Why? They don’t want to appear to “slander” or disrespect Muslims. The organization is influenced by their politically savvy leadership (the sort that tends to sacrifice truth for temporary gain) while being cowed by the Islamic version of slander. They bought into the deception: The truth is slander. It dare not be expressed.

It is likewise hard to believe that all Islamic apologists and facilitators in the United States government are ignorant of the Islamic threat and the methods of Islamic deception. Like ACT!, they persist in their narrow defense of the Islamic religion/ideology by singling out “radicals” or “Al Qaeda” or “Hamas” as the culprits, as if Islam itself is blameless and must be protected.  Isn’t it amazing how many “moderate” Muslims who are “assisting” our government turn out to be radicals.  Liberals remain oblivious to this fact.

The Islamic Brotherhood and their front groups, sharia law, radicals of every stripe – all have their roots in Islam, the source of their ideology, strategies, tactics, and subversive aspirations. The sooner we as individuals and as a nation get a grip on this reality, and face it courageously and truthfully, the more likely we will be able to maintain our government, culture, religion and freedoms. Otherwise, we have successfully demonstrated that we don’t appreciate what we have enough to defend it and we deserve whatever change we get.

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