Tuesday, June 22, 2010

McChrystal clears way for Commander Hasan…

Well, wasn’t this to be expected!  How long could a dedicated, competent, loyal US general feel like he was accomplishing anything under Obama’s tutelage?  As it turns out, not long.

General McChrystal’s greatest blunder was admitting he voted for Obama.  The rest of his ultimate frankness was the sin of being human, not being able to live the lie Obama commanded of him while he was forced to pretend to be an effective general.

“Politico” reports that “McChrystal and his top aides appeared to let their guard down during a series of interviews and visits with Michael Hastings, a freelance writer for the magazine Rolling Stone.”

How many of his “top aids” failed “Media Savvy 101” all at the same time?  I cannot imagine this not being anything but a planned outing.  But I agree with Michelle Malkin who questions the mentality of any US military officer who chats with an “anti-war pop culture rag that specializes in slime” like “Rolling Stone.”  I thought of RS as a drug-induced, left wing, Commy-inspired rag since its coming out in 1967.  This lapse is right up there with his vote for Obama!

My wish for McChrystal is to resign before he is sacked without any explanation of “why” to Obama, except perhaps publicly citing “job pressure” and “need to spend more time with his family.” And then become a FOX commentator. 

This would be a “win/win” outcome.  We will have additional insight into Obama’s incompetence and will to lose; and Obama will have a clear path toward his ultimate desire to appoint a Muslim to provide a smooth transition from coalition forces to Taliban forces.  I can hear Obama’s shout out now:  “Hey Nadal [Hassan], wanna be General?”

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