Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Visitors as Muslims: An allegory

“V” on ABC TV is one of my favorite programs.  “Visitors” is a sci-fi thriller depicting the interaction of humans on earth with alien beings that reside in space craft hovering over major world cities.  Anna, the humanoid leader of the cloaked insect species declares at her every appearance before the humans that “we are of peace – always.”  Subsequent episodes of the show reveal the ultimate intent of the V’s to take over the earth while most of the earths population and leaders remain enamored with their technology and apparent peace-loving friendliness, while remaining oblivious to their intent.

The growing number of humans who have become suspicious or aware of their intent along with a number of renegade V’s have formed a “5th column” to try to stop the V’s.  But of course, the politically correct majority consider such spoilers to be intolerant and bigoted Visitor-phoebes.  The V’s created a “live-aboard” program as an outreach to encourage humans to experience life aboard the hovering spacecraft out of gratitude for the V’s living among the humans on earth.  But what happens to the humans who agree to come aboard gradually becomes apparent and it isn’t good.

This plot line could easily be interpreted as an allegory of the intent and efforts of Muslims (the V’s) to gain dominance over the West and its infidels (the humans).  The Islamic spokesmen who claim Islam is “a religion of peace” are Anna proclaiming “we are of peace, always.”  This form of deception in Islam is called Taqiyya.  The Islamic request for infidels to convert to Islam parallels the offer to live aboard the alien space craft.  But once that offer is accepted, it is too late because once in, it is nearly impossible to get out with your life.  The ex-Muslims warning about Islam (e.g. Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, Ehsan Jami and many who remain anonymous) mirror the renegade V’s who formed the 5th column against the V’s.  While the fate of remaining in Islam or on the spacecraft is unthinkable, the fate of those who remain oblivious about the intent of Islam or the intent of the V’s is just as bad.

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