Thursday, May 20, 2010

Obama’s policies mimic Islamic practices…

I’ve often wondered what the affinity is between liberals and Islam. Why do liberals so aggressively defend Muslims and the Islamic faith? It seems so counter-intuitive that “liberals” (especially cultural liberals) would defend a “religion” that is, at its core, opposed to women’s rights, gay rights, and freedom of thought and expression. In the case of Barack Obama, the connection is clear. The priority is not cultural preservation but redistribution of wealth and power. Obama and the like-minded administration he appointed are the personification of this priority.

In the process of studying Islam, I’ve learned that the second part of the religions/political duality of Islam is the forced redistribution of wealth and power. This is the essence of the predominant form of jihad taught by Mohammad through the examples of his methods and conquests as expounded in Islamic scripture.

While Muslims will argue that jihad simply means “inner struggle”, their personal inner battle of good vs. evil, it is critical to note that such teaching in Islamic scripture constitutes 3% of the text. On the other hand, the violent jihad that has made Islam famous over the last decade constitutes 97% of Islamic scripture. This emphasis in Islamic scripture on physical jihad is a reflection of the priority of Muhammad - the example all Muslims are urged to mimic. Muhammad spent his final years leading and promoting raids across the Middle East killing pagans, Jews, and Christians under the pretext of submission to Allah. The purpose? To force the redistribution of wealth and power. Muhammad was known as a generous man. He made it a practice to redistribute the booty from his raids to those who submitted to Allah. His supporters grew in number. Ahhh, Chicago politics.

Obama is being true to the teaching of Muhammad in his mandates to force the redistribution of wealth. He is being true to both his liberal base and the Islamic ideology that shaped his younger life.

Oh, thou doth protest: But Obama is a Christian! But a Muslim can label himself a Christian. Why? Jesus Christ is a prophet in Islam, below the status of Muhammad, but still esteemed as a prophet. Couple this with the obligation of Muslims to bend the facts (aka “lie and deceive’) to protect themselves or Islam and Muslims will feel perfectly at ease in labeling themselves “Christian” in an environment suspicious of Islam.

Obama has said and done too much endorsing, promoting, and defending Islam and Islamic nations to ignore the connection. He has proposed or implemented too many policies that mimic Islamic priorities that only those ignorant about Islam or out of touch with current events would fail to grasp this reality. His personal and family background in Islam is too pervasive to have little influence.

Obama’s actions are consistent with his beliefs. He is furthering the Islamic mandates of forced redistribution of wealth and power in the United States. Short of practicing violent jihad, he is implementing Muhammadesque polices by leveraging our political system via Chicago-styled politics to accomplish his purpose.

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