Sunday, July 26, 2009

Racism vs. Cultural Diversity

Here's some "politically incorrect" soul searching.

Early in our lives we've been taught the evils of racism. More recently we've been taught the beauty of "cultural diversity". "Racism" and "cultural diversity" are flip sides of the same coin: They define degrees of acceptance of differences between human beings. Racism invokes the idea of "superiority and inferiority" while "cultural diversity" invokes the idea of equal value and respect of various cultures.

I have never considered myself a racist. But I do have difficulty with the concept of cultural diversity. Why? Because the concepts of "strength in unity" and "birds of a feather" make more sense. Different cultures are different by definition. Differences breed differences by nature. Total acceptance and respect of other's values minimize my own values. Their values may be "good information" from an academic standpoint, but if they were that good, I would assimilate them. And I don't. So I remain who I am - different. Differences remain.

Here are a couple of honest and contrarian opinions on the topics of "racism" and "cultural diversity" I found on another website in response to the "racism" charge against Obama and Gates. While politically incorrect, I found these comments stimulating food for thought:

Posted by: TRW Jul 25, 12:11 AM

"There's only one race: 'the human race'" and other such silly nonsense.

"Like Obama, I'm a racist too. The difference is that I make no bones about it like so many cowards do . Being the prez, Obama is coward number one, and also he's a freakin' socialist puppet dirt bag.

"I'm white and I'm proud of being white. I make no apologies for that. I don't hate blacks or chinese or what have you (they are good people too), but I prefer living with my own kind. I don't want to become a multi-racial mud person. If anyone wants to integrate with another race then they are very free to do so. But, I prefer my own kind, it's just very deep in my blood. It's very natural to "flock together" and modern lefty globalist politics can't change the fact that I feel that societies are much stonger when they are united. Multi-racial societies are NOT united, they are doomed to constant conflicts. That is just a fact that we see every single day. There is no cure for the race problem other than to segregate. Deep down everyone knows that!

"And you thought that Obama would make things better? duhhh! you stupido!

Go to an all white small town (if you can find one) and you can leave your front door unlocked. I like that ....very much so!

Go to Iceland and check out the crime's practically non-existant. Diversity ? Oh yeah, and for what? To live in constant conflict? For me, wide diversity is good in the world, not in my country. If I want to experience another culture (and I do), I will travel.

Nope, not for me. I'm a true rebel and I am not afraid to think outside the idiot box. Yup, I am a racist. So what? Everyone is, it's natural and it's essential for building a cohesive, functional and strong country....

Diversity is our strength, and I've got a bridge for sale. Stupido!

<Posted by: Mathew Martin Jul 25, 12:54 AM

"[According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a racist is someone who believes "all members of each racial group possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially to distinguish it as being either superior or inferior to another racial group or racial groups."]

"I'm a racist.

"I think that blacks are superior at basketball and other specific areas of some sports.
I think that blacks are inferior at swimming , because they kinda' sink. They have a less buoyant skeletons (bones).
I think that whites significantly outscore blacks on standardized tests.
I think that chinese slightly outscore whites on standardized tests.
I think that there are more whites at the highest levels of the intelligence bell curve and that they are [more] inventive than the chinese.
I think that blacks have a higher tesosterone level than whites and therefore they are much more prone to violent crime, whereas chinese have a slightly lower testosterone level and therfore lower agression levels.
I think that the Williams sisters are completely pumped up on testosterone and that is very unfair. (just a womens tennis side note)
I think that I am so interested in facts and the truth and that I value the truth, and that is why I am definitely a racist.

[My note: I don't know how much of the above is "fact" vs. "uninformed myth." But his point that every race has its' relative strengths and weaknesses is well-taken.]

"I think that blacks are equal in that they are human, but, I know that there are differences that are the makings for un-ending conflict in a white society under the forced equal outcome we see and have seen and we will continue to see.

"...there is a family in my town that tend to be very very smart people and that it's in their genes (race) and that does not hurt me. In some very real ways I could say they are superior to me. But, good for them, they have been very productive for our town. I don't...hate them for their superiority. I respect them for it.

There should be nothing wrong with saying "I am Black and proud to be Black." "I am Latino and proud to be Latino." "I am White and proud to be White." Trouble is, if whites say it, it's racist - if others say it, it's "cultural diversity." To ignore race and erase our differences is sticking our head in the sand. We are not all the same. But I, too, am more comforable around people with whom I have most in common. To say otherwise would make me a liar.

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