Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Informing truth about Islam warrants Bigot label?

I understand that many Muslims are peace loving folk. Many Muslims have made contributions to science and medicine and art and music - I especially like the Moonshadow guy, Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens.

That is all great. But what are Muslims' greatest claims to fame over the past decade or two? These great "achievements", in no particular order, are:

* Terrorisim
* Abuse of women
* Intolerance
* Violence against their own people
* Calling people who point these things out "bigots."

Take for example the first claim to fame, which is also associated with the second, third, fourth, and fifth items, I offer you the following website, The Religion of Peace.com which lists over 50 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide just between April first and thirteenth of this year - and how many THOUSAND terror attacks since, hmmm, remember 9-11? This doesn't even include the terror piracy of the Somali Muslims.

The greatest threat to this nation, our heritage, culture, form of government, and freedom, is the seepage of Islamic supremacy into our communities. For abundant evidence of these concerns, read Robert Spencers' Stealth Jihad.

While fascist or violent-Jihadi Islam may not be practiced by most Muslims, if it is practiced by only a mere 5% of the 1.2 billion Muslims that is a "mere" 60,000,000 Muslims who support or practice violent intolerance. Many of the remaining 95% are somewhere on a continuum between passive and active sympathizers. Yes, this political movement called "Islam", disguised as a religion, is certainly making quite a name for itself.

And those who defend it will call those of us who are concerned about its ill-effects on civilization "bigots." So be it.

Muslims (and their head-in-the-sand defenders) who are truly innocent of harboring such radical sentiments would do well to either distance themselves from or speak out against the radical elements of that "religion" rather than resort to name calling. Otherwise, the namecalling sounds very much like a defense of the intolerant Islamo-fascists who appear to represent the true, historical Islam which dominates the news.

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