Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Prioritizing Security Threats in the US

The Department of Homeland Security announced to all the police agencies in the nation to be aware of a growing threat of "right-wing extremists" in the United States. The announcement specifically referenced concern about those who are opposed to abortion and illegal immigration. They also alluded to those who are concerned about higher taxes, runaway growth of our federal government, loss of states rights, loss of jobs, loss of homes, and those who are concerned about official Washington obliviousness to the growing threat of Islamists in this nation. Pissed off returning war vets are specifically targeted as potential right-wing culprits. What a freakin' slap in the face to them!

Adding up all of these "malcontents", that would make about 80% of the US population "right-wing extremists" - all of middle America, in essence.

Here is the pdf of the Homeland Security warning.

And why, exactly, wouldn't "left-wing extremists" and middle of the roaders also become troubled and write, talk, and demonstrate about the economy, loss of jobs, loss of benefits, and loss of homes? Why does this government believe that only "right-wing extremists" are concerned about these sorts of things?

Following is my "national security risk assessment." These are all priorities that should come well ahead of the bogus concerns about the threat of middle America.

1. Islamists, violent jihad version: Radicals associated with Islam, al Queda, Iran, etc. who desire to use a dirty nuclear device, high altitude EMP device, a viral contagion, or other WMD against this nation with the intent to destroy our economy, infrastructure, and government.

2. Continued dependence on foreign energy sources.

3. Left wing US-hating radicals in this nation such as Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, Nancy Pelosi, most Obama appointees, and other proponents of socialism who desire to create a paternalistic, entitlement-centered, incentive-eroding, resource-sucking, mega-goverment.

4. Islamists, stealth jihad version - and their sympathizers: Stealth jihadists in US Mosques and Islamic Training Centers who desire to use this nation's liberties and legal system against itself while promoting an intolerant, oppressive Islamo-fascist (Sharia-law oriented) government and legal system. This includes those who shout "bigot" against anyone raising legitimate concerns.

5. Unabated illegal immigration that poses a four-pronged threat: to national security, to the respect for and enforcement of our laws, the draining of economic resources on entitlements granted to law-breakers, and distortion of our cultural balance well beyond any influx of legal immigrants this country has ever experienced.

If our federal government did not intend this document to be a slap in the face of patriotic Americans who don't agree with the extreme left wing agenda of our current administration, then they have a lot of explaining and kissing up to do.

The vagueness of this new "risk assessment" is strangely uncharacterisctic compared to the specificity of similar previous assessments. Is this administration becoming concerned about the discontent it is creating? Are those of us who are not thrilled with the direction of our government but who still believe we are free to express ourselves in for some big government wrist slapping and intimidation? We shall see.

The only "right wing extemism" they can cite is the Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, 14 years ago. Ol' Tim has since been executed. Using Tim as the only right wing poster child is like using Osama bin Laden as the only Muslim example of violence, when in fact, there have been literally THOUSANDS of acts of Muslim violence since 9/11 2001! Get real!

Update: Here is the DHS half-assed explanation of their rant against middle America.

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