Thursday, December 25, 2008

Movie Critics Prove Themselves Jaded

I saw the movie "Marley and Me" this evening after reading the book last year.

I also read the Yahoo Movies movie reviews on this film.

It is interesting to note that the average of the reviews by the 12 professional "Critics" was C+ while the 447 "Yahoo Users" gave it a B+.

I would give this movie no less than a B+ myself.

Comparing the "Critics" ratings to the "Yahoo Users" ratings on movies across the board, the critics ratings are typically lower than the viewers.

I wonder why? The word "jaded" comes to mind.

In fact, many of the reviewers probably need a new line of work because they seem burned out in their movie reviewer jobs. Here are six examples of burned out, jaded movie reviewer comments from among the 12 on "Marley and Me"...

E! Online - Matt Stevens "...has about as much traction as a puppy on a linoleum floor." more... C - Bill Gibron "...this excruciating effort is 90 minutes of mediocrity followed by 10 minutes of the most manipulative, mean-spirited pap ever put into a movie made for families." more... D+

Hollywood Reporter - Kirk Honnycutt "A lovably though misbehaving dog dominates everything in a family film with little drama." more... C-

New York Post - Kyle Smith "The script is dull..." more... C-

Rolling Stone - Peter Travers "Watching the stars try to out-cutesy the mutt is one for the puke bucket." more... D+

USA Today - Claudia Puig "...fairly banal..." more... C

The Rolling Stone reviewer I understand - he's probably still on drugs from the 60's. I can only speculate that all of them have been overexposed to the sensationalism of the gendre - to the sex, the violence, the kinkiness, the irreverance, the exploitation of deviant human behavior, that anything less receives their disdain.

It's time for these folks to look for a new line of work - they have obviously lost touch with human feelings.

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