Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A Government Tolerant of Anarchists

What does a government tolerant of anarchists produce?
Riiight. Anarchy.

Definition of "anarchist": An adult with a teenage mentality.
Definition of "teenage anarchist": The power behind the impotent Greek government.
The Greek government: Enabling, codepenant parents fearful of meting out justice and discipline to their abusive, out of control children. Or is this the definition of the current Greek culture?

I am not up on modern Greek government, nor the current socio-political issues that nation faces. But I am aware of some basic principles of human behavior. There has to be a lesson in the current Greek riots for the rest of us, Greek and non-Greek alike. Let's see, what might it be...

- I have heard that Greeks tend to have an over-the-top codependant relationship with and tolerance of ill-behavior from their little darlings. The chickens run the roost. Not a good idea.

- Letting out schools in response to rioting teenagers is not a smart thing to do. Doncha' think that gives them more time to riot?

- Firing and condemning law enforcement officials (without an investigation) to placate the anarchists certainly seems like it would encourage the anarchists, not to mention the untenable position other law enforcement officials find themselves.

Greece seems to be in a tough spot. It appears, through their excessive tolerance of bad behavior, they have passed the point of no return for civility, law, and order - pretty much the things that anarchists disdain. Anarchism seems to be the political philosophy of choice for a broad segment of their population - the common denominator for a coalition of various political philosophies.

Have the anarchists won? If so, what happens next? This reminds me of the adage of the dog chasing the car. What does he do with it if he catches it? Anarchist don't exactly appreciate government or any entity telling them what to do or not to do - again, the spoiled teen mentality. What kind of order do anarchists live by? No government, no rules, just right - oh I'm sorry, that's Outback. Do they revert to becoming a nation of outlaws? What?

I wonder if the creation of fascist Sharia law of Islam was the extreme reaction to rampant anarchy created after the Byzantine and Roman empires decimated one another creating a vacuum eager to be filled by an emerging ideology? In our two world wars, was anarchism used to help usher in fascism, a handy overreaction to anarchism?

Teens and others are being schooled in anarchism and used by others seeking to disrupt and discredit any legitimate government for their own purposes. Anarchy and anarchism are more a means to an end, and not the end in itself. First, destroy the existing government order, create a law and order vacuum, and fill it with the ideology that is best positioned to win the hearts and minds - by force or otherwise.

Anarchism tends to be left wing - most akin to Communism. Some form of government will fill the vacuum created by the anarchists. What will it be? Communism, social democracy, or facism, the reactionary extreme opposite? Read here for additional causes and effects of Greece's turmoil.

In the meantime, WHERE ARE THE PARENTS? Apparently they don't like rules either.

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