Sunday, November 06, 2005

They're rioting in 'ol Paris

"They" are rioting in France. The mainstream media identifies "they" as the poor, mistreated souls of the ghetto suburbs. These poor souls feel downtrodden and oppresed, with the last straw being the electrocution of a couple of "innocent" kids who took refuge in a transformer substation to escape the "unjust" pursuit by police.

Here are the facts:

  • The police were not chasing the hoodlums... they were performing random searches in a Muslim neighborhood and the kids got spooked. And why would they get spooked if they were not up to no good? What is indisputable is that they were stupid. Their action should make it to the "Worlds Most Stupid Delinquents" TV show.
  • "They" are, for the most part, Muslims.
  • These Muslim do what most prominent Muslims seems to do best, that is, they splash flammable liquids on innocent, elderly handicapped people and light them up. Remember the related Muslim behavior during the Achille Lauro Hijacking?


  • If these Muslims have bad conditions in France, they had worse conditions wherever they immigrated from or they wouldn't be in France in the first place.
  • France has the largest Muslim population of any European nation, roughly half of those in Europe. The "street" has it that it is time for this group to begin exercising their jihad in France. Their "random" rioting is in fact much less random than it appears. There is substantial organization behind it. And there is substantial purpose behind it.
  • France had no plan or intention to assimilate these millions of Muslim immigrants. And the millions of Muslim immigrants have no intention of being assimilated into French culture.
  • France as a government and as a nation is among the most mealy-mouthed group of indecisive humans on the planet. Their cultural sensitivity has led to this anarchy, and will lead to much worse in the coming months and years.
  • This is just one more stage of the world-wide jihad in the Islamic quest to displace the Judeo-Christian culture in the world.

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