Saturday, November 12, 2005

Results of Indulging in Low Cost Labor

In the news Saturday night:

"The number of cars torched overnight in France climbed slightly over the previous night to 502 in a 16th night of unrest..."

Wow! Only 502! And after curfews and thousands of police on the street. Is this the "new" normal or the "old" normal in France?

I would say that the "natives are restless". But then these folks, while most are "citizens" in the technical legal sense, the word "native" does not apply. Most of the the Islamist punks do not consider themsleves "French", have chosen to isolate themselves from the French culture, and, in fact, reject the majority religion of the nation (Catholicism) and will do everything they can, including by violent means, to convert the nation to Islam.

This is the price we westerners, the United States and France included, are paying to keep our hands clean and our labor cheap, by opening our borders to low cost labor. We have not yet realized that our unbridled self-indulgence has invited those who abhor our culture, who have no intention of being assimilated, and will make every effort to transform our values to theirs. It just so happens that France is a couple of decades closer to this transformation than the US is. But we are both on the same path. Our time is coming.

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