Saturday, April 16, 2005

Conservative Improvement On AARP

My brother recently passed away. One of his pet peeves was large bureaucary that is either deceitful or that makes it difficult to accomplish its purported service. An organization on his peeve list that meet all of these criteria was AARP - the Americans Antagonistic toward the Republican Party, err, I mean American Association of Retired Peacenicks, ummm, PERSONS. There, I finally got it right.

This organization has built itself a reputation for carrying on the banner of the 60's anti-Vietnam flower children, drug addicts, and liberal let-government-do-it-all philosophy into the 21st century. They purport to reperesent the interests of older Americans through their products and services, but they are just another marketing strategy for mediocre insurance, and socialist causes. The last AARP straw with me was when I read an article in one of the AARP magazines reminiscing about the good ol' gettin' high drug use days in the 60's. Weren't they just so uplifting and fun! And I will add, and didn't their addictions affect their abilities to think clearly even to this day!

An alternative to AARP that got my attention is USANext. Its' moral and political positions are consistent with my own - the exact opposite of AARP. Any person nearly as old as I am should give this new organization a serious look. And you can still get your motel discounts!

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Amigo said...

My condolences for your family.