Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Family members of bloggers can be sensitive to naming names on blogs. Therefore, one of the blogger commandments is: "Thou shalt be sensitive to the desire for privacy of others." Consequently and henceforth, any names you read on this site will be fictitious, non-existent entities, if they appear at all. Ignore any names. Any name of any person you may have read in the past on this site was possibly made up or I may have gotten it wrong.

Fine print disclaimer: The reader of this blog shall disavow knowledge or recognition of any name that has appeared, does appear, or may appear on this site. The management, staff, and writer(s) are not responsible for anything they may have thought or wrtten, past, present, or future. Our fine staff of attornies will be on standby, waiting by their phones, for any hint of association of names with people, real or imagined.

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