Friday, October 18, 2019

The alleged crime of quid pro quo…

quid pro quo
/ˌkwid ˌprō ˈkwō/
"favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something"

International relations 101 quiz – Question #1:

Has the United States EVER given millions or billions worth of equipment or dollars to another nation without expecting SOMETHING in return?

Answer:  No, we never did that.  We have ALWAYS expected something in return.

Yet, our corrupt, leftist. Trump-hating media would like us to believe that a quid pro quo is something new, and that all quid pro quos are a crime.  They use the norm as a perverted excuse to demonize our President.

Beyond that brazen hypocrisy is the fact that not all quid pro quos are equal.  Most are for the common good, like commitments to improve freedoms or requests to investigate crimes or corruption in exchange for help in defending a nation.  Some other quid pro quos may be for personal gain or to further corruption.

If there was any overt quid pro quo in the case of Trump and Ukraine, which is debatable at best, it was to urge Ukraine to investigate the corrupt overt quid pro quo committed by sleazy Joe Biden (and his not so pure son) and the corrupt Obama administration.

Such are the distortions perpetrated by the corrupt Democrat party and many never-Trumper fair weather fiends in the RINO party heartily joined by the equally corrupt media.

A highly respected morning radio commentator, Bob Rose, on a local Gainesville/Ocala, Florida, radio station (WSKY) described what most of us already know to be true.  While he accurately reports and discusses the news of the day, he noted that ABC News, the network source of national news on his station, reports the same news and events with a totally opposite spin, using innuendo and less than subtle distortions of fact to promote their leftist agenda.  He noted that his audience has complained about the station's bipolar political personality, object to it, and plead for the station to jettison ABC  as the provider of the distorted version of the news.

NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, and most other mainstream news and social media sites are all pretending that quid pro quos are a crime that only applies to Donald Trump.


Brother Michael said...

Amen. Nothing more to say.

Anonymous said...

Great Post! You are absolutely right with your analysis. The Left is unhinged with hatred and does nothing in a positive fashion. It is so sad that the government/congress can get nothing accomplished in a non-partisan way. What we are seeing is 'upside-down' behavior in this Country where right is wrong and wrong is right.
Keep up your good work of calling those things out Jerry!