Monday, December 31, 2018

An intentional slander: “Trump’s Wall”

Have you noticed on virtually every mainstream media newscast, when referring to the voter’s demand for border security or to the partial government shutdown, they refer to the issue as “Trump’s wall?”

Not “our wall” or “the nation’s wall”, or “the needed wall”, but “Trump’s wall”, as if he is the ONLY one promoting the wall, fence, border security or national security.  Trump won the election, receiving 306 electoral votes compared to Clinton’s 234, primarily on the basis of the electorate demanding enhanced border security and embracing Trump’s promise of a wall.

Have these media all been assigned the same script – the same talking points?  This is enough to make a conspiracy theory skeptic into a conspiracy theorist!  Of the dozens of media outlets I follow, only the 5% that remain conservative refrain from calling it “Trump’s wall.”

Trump’s wall:  An intended and biased slander.

As has been pointed out, Obama recently had a 10’ wall constructed around his DC home.  Is that Obama’s wall, or a wall to protect his home from violent left wingers – Bill Ayers types?

The Vatican has a wall.  Does the media call it “the Pope’s wall?”

I hate to think that most media are controlled by former left wing San Francisco, drug-addict hippies from the 60’s or their more recent clones.  But nothing else makes much sense.

I cannot fathom those who dis the concept of national security and its close relative, border security, of which a difficult to penetrate wall or fence are major components.

I guess the opposition is comprised of the same vocal crowd who condemn “nationalism”, “patriotism”, honoring parents, respecting the elderly, working for a living and who praise multi-gendered Boy Scouts.

It is a sick, sick culture we find ourselves in.  A nation cannot long stand with such.

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Brother Michael said...

Amen, brother.