Saturday, July 22, 2017

Journalism equals Opinionism

Sometimes the simplest definitions of things are the most accurate.

For several decades I thought of Journalism as the high art and skill set of conveying accurate information, synonymous with “reporting.”  That gave journalists waaaay to much credit.  And was I wrong.

What is journalism, really?  It is keeping a journal.  What is a “journal” but simply a written record of how a person sees and experiences things over time.

Every person who keeps a journal jots down his observations based on their own feelings, opinions and biases.  Journalism is the most basic form of communication, but with a twist.  The “twist” is the filter the journalist imposes on his journal entries.

Where are the vast majority of journalists educated?  Public schools and leftist universities.  Is there any wonder or doubt why the journalists views are slanted leftward?  They are, for the most part, parrots.  They impose the bird seed of socialism on their observations and parrot back the bird poop of life as they see it. 

NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, New York Times, AP, Yahoo News and a thousand other news outlets are full of leftist parrot poop journalists.

Reporting is a bit different.  Hopefully the reporter is trained to eliminate his filter and simply report facts.  Facts not as he “sees” them (read: facts not as he filters them) but objective facts, devoid of all bias.  That has become increasingly difficult even for non-journalist, trained reporters.  And it is the rare news outlet that makes a clear cut distinction between journalist articles and pure reported articles.

One day I would like to see a news source that 1)  Prints the facts, and 2) Offers 3 perspectives of those facts.  One from the leftist perspective, one from the right, and one middle of the road.  Each perspective would be accompanied by the reasons why they take their approach – how and who it benefits or hurts.

Of course, “which facts” are chosen to be reported can show bias as well.  The MSM have clearly shown their bias by choosing to report “the facts” of the stories that suit their ideological interests best.  The carefully selected story may be factual, but may be of a non-story chosen to slander.  The Russia-related slander is the current example.

Most news sources report that “the far right” did such and such.  Of course it’s far right because it was reported by someone on “the far left.”  Two millimeters to the right seems “far right” to far leftists.

When we read the work of journalists, we need to read their bio first to understand their filter.  When we read the work of reporters, we need to understand the editorial policy the their employer.

Don’t be swayed by someone else’s biased filter.  Use your own filter to understand the difference between filtered (biased) reality and facts.

By the way, the journalism on this blog is middle of the road.  Most everyone else is far far far left.

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