Sunday, November 06, 2016

Comey does it again! We should now be absolutely convinced the system is rigged…

If we had our doubts whether or not FBI Director Comey was in the bag last July when he first absolved Hillary of all wrong doing, there should be absolutely no doubt remaining now.

After a five day review of 650,000 Hillary emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop, and new evidence that at least 5 foreign nations hacked into Hillary’s ill-conceived attempt to maintain separate servers, Comey and the FBI once again gives her a pass.

I now feel free to go 120 mph in a school zone without any repercussions whatsoever.  Thank you FBI Director Comey for my new found freedom to do anything I damn well please.  And I’m sure you have also given the green light to a few million more formerly law abiding folks to flaunt the law in ways yet unimaginable.  In fact, there is a million times the danger to our national security and public safety with what Clinton did compared to speeding in school zones.

And no, Comey, I do not buy into your newly sanctioned “Two-Tier Legal System.”


Brother Michael said...

Last week I predicted this scenario led by Comey as a means to support Clinton by absolving her of "all wrong" right before the election. Don't you know--predictably--tomorrow's NYT headline will read: "Hillary absolved by FBI" or something to that effect?

Yes, Virginia, we have been skarood by a rigged system.

BURMA said...

Interstate sure 120 - not the school zone though -