Saturday, May 23, 2015

Presidential candidate’s view of Islam: Why it is crucial to our foreign policy…

Both Bush and Obama have failed in our wars against terror in the Middle East and Afghanistan.  Our “surges” have failed.  Our “nation-building” has failed.  Our “democratization” efforts have failed.  As a result of these failures those parts of the world are now more unstable, dangerous, and hostile than ever.

Why do you think that is?  What do these presidents have in common?  Answer:  They believe “Islam is a religion of peace.” 

What do all of these areas of the world where our foreign policy has failed have in common?  Answer:  They are Islamic. 

What have these leaders, policy-makers, State Department, and Pentagon done their best to ignore and sweep under the carpet?  Answer:  The truth and reality of Islam.

As Diana West has observed, US Mid-East policy has been based on “see no Islam.”  (Read her column on this topic HERE.)

Over 90% of the population of the Middle East is Muslim – in several nations over 98%.  Over 90% of those populations believe in or practice Sharia – a barbaric legal, moral, and ethics system at polar opposites from Western sensibilities.

Islam is not just “another religion.”  Most of our population have a shallow understanding of religion, both their own, and especially different religions of others.  Those who hold to a religion such as Christianity or Judaism tend to believe that “all religions have generally equal value.  All are good in their own way.”  They practice a form of religious “moral equivalency.”

That ignorance is the basis of our foreign policy and military failures in Islamic nations.  Of all the religions in the world, Islam is unique.  But we fail to admit to that uniqueness.  Differences include:

  • Its own legal system, “sharia”
  • Its terrorist doctrine of “jihad”
  • Its unique moral code that promotes lying and deception when deemed necessary to prevail, “taqiyya”
  • Its comprehensive approach to life which includes not merely “religion”, but political, social, legal, educational, military, and terrorist actions in equal or greater measure as required.
  • And most unique, the idea of suicide attacks in the cause of Islam which gains “paradise”, (very possibly with 500 lb virgins who never shower.)

Most politically correct but naïve, fearful, or complicit government officials, media and academia refuse to associate these unique attributes to Islam.  Instead they either assume or hope they are associated only with a non-Islamic “radical” Islam.  This is the practice of “see-no-Islam”, aka “ naïve self-deception.”

The belief implicit in our foreign policy that we can make over a population of a billion Muslims who have developed their unique and opposite moral system over a period of 1,400 years into our own image is downright dumb.  We have failed to admit to the moral, and cultural system we are dealing with.  We need to admit that it is driven for the most part by Islam, including all of its morally opposite supremacist, intolerant,  and terrorist values that most refuse to associate with Islam.  Only then can we fathom a foreign policy that deals effectively with those nations, tribes, and armies .

And this is why it is essential to effective future foreign policy that we vet our candidates, especially our presidential candidates, on the basis of their understanding of Islam, its doctrines, and how it motivates its people and leaders.  It is time for “see-no-Islam” to end.  Admittedly, there are also a lot of wrong-headed senior and middle level bureaucrats to clean out, especially in the State Department and intelligence agencies.

Up to this point we know that denial of the truth of Islam has resulted in foreign policy failure.  But it doesn’t always have to be that way.

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Brother Michael said...

So what do we do with the (millions?) of Muslims who are already here in the US? (Including Valerie Jarrett and half of the President's advisors.) They certainly are more of a threat than the millions of Hispanics who came illegally.