Monday, December 22, 2014

Lone wolves? Really? Officials unleash a “denial of sanity” attack.

You techies out there have heard of “denial of service” attacks where a computer system is overloaded with incoming trash that clogs up your processing system or network.  Well, we are experiencing a denial of sanity attack where so much bull shit is coming in from our leaders that our sense of sanity is being challenged.

The cop killer in New York?  The Boston Marathon terrorists?  The Hassan Fort Hood Massacre?  Dozens more, reported and unreported?  These are “loan wolves?” 

Lone wolves:  Really?  Saying these are “lone wolves” is a denial of sanity attack by those we have graced with authority and “leadership.”  You get enough lone wolves doing the same sort of things and you have a distributed pack of wolves.  And many among this pack of wolves, not coincidentally, share a common belief system, a common ideology, some call it a common “faith”:  Islam.  Islam, the ancient, barbaric belief system that motivates 95% of all terrorist acts in the world today.

Loan wolves:  All with a common motivation and common purpose.  Islam provides an excuse, a justification, to release their pent up anger and psychotic rage on whatever pisses them off at the moment.

Unfortunately, our “denial of sanity” leaders – Obama, deBlasio, Sharpton, Holder, and dozens of others – add to the motivation of these “loan wolves” with their blame of everyone except the lone wolves and the ideologies that motivate most of them.  They elevate and coddle these scum in the same way a punk in school is rewarded for his behavior by punishing the entire class.  Example:  Instead of profiling Muslims coming to and fro in our airports, we are all subject to invasive, costly, often humiliating searches.  (Note to self:  Always consider Islam more “fascist political ideology” than mere “religion.”)

These deniers of reality claim we have a “race” problem.  Yup, we do now.  They renewed it.   From 1950 through 2004, the “race problem” was fantastically improved to the point where race was not on our list of national problems at all.  Drastic change resulted with the arrival of Obama as president.

Just as Obama complains about the United States when he is speaking in enemy nations, he also complains about the 90% of us who are law abiding citizens and defends or embraces the terrorists, the psychotics, and the scum.  You don’t think it isn’t motivational to these “loan wolves” when the highest leaders of the land excuse their behavior and condemn the rest of us for who knows what? 

Couple this with any predisposition these lone wolf elements have toward ideologies like Islam, Crypts, Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, Communist Party, CAIR, etc. and you generate a whole new cadre of “loan wolves.”  And this is exactly what our leaders are doing.

Pam Geller provides compelling insight in this based on the ongoing New York City fiasco motivated by deBlasio, Sharpton, and Obama HERE.  And Diana West comments on “See No Islam” HERE.


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