Monday, October 14, 2013

Another example of persecution–and it WILL get worse…

Those of us who sincerely express our religious views better have lots of faith, finances, and a good attorney.

A FOX sportscaster was fired because, get this, not because of something vile he said on air – that would probably be OK.  He was fired for statements he made helping out with a friend’s political campaign months ago.  And just what did he say during this months-ago campaign?

"People choose to be gay.  I think it's a choice, I do. Same-sex marriage, if someone chooses to do that, that's done. And God's going to judge each one of us in this room for our actions. And in that case right there, they're going to have to answer to the Lord for their actions."

That’s it.  That’s his politically incorrect statement.  It is Biblically and morally right on the money, but politically incorrect.  And he was fired for it.

Yes, in today’s morally corrupt society, what he said is considered “mean-spirited” and fire-worthy.  For two-thousand years what he said was common knowledge and taken for granted.  The scene has change only in the last few decades.

And the topics of gay marriage and homosexuality are just the tips of the iceberg of topics that will get Christians fired, or the very least, sequestered into a few weeks of sensitivity training, aka reprogramming into mindlessly accepting perverse behaviors and keeping our mouths shut.

And what is particularly disgusting about all this is that many if not most churches are complicit.  It reminds me of the coopting of much of the Lutheran Church by the Nazis in the 30’s and 40’s.  The churches went along with the government doctrine (naively accepting a corrupt interpretation of Scripture – Romans 13) that Christians must obey the state, no matter what.  In our modern case, in addition to following government doctrine, churches are following our corrupt culture as well.

That’s why sermons, instead of teaching the truth of Biblical morality, are reinterpreting Scripture to proclaim what was sin is no longer sin.  And what is now sin is our intolerance of sin – or even just talking about sin.

So now the “faithful remnant”, the minority of us who still hold fast to Biblical morality, have three choices:

  • Convert to immoral secular beliefs
  • Keep our mouths shut (lose our first amendment rights)
  • Be subject to persecution, loss of income, and loss of reputation

This reminds me so much of the three choices of Infidels in Islamic cultures:

  • Convert to Islam
  • Lose civil rights within the culture
  • Beheading

To the western mind, loss of income comes close to beheading.  So the form of beheading is the only real distinction – for now.

Expect things to get worse for conservative (formerly all) Christians.  Persecution will spread from this single issue to expression of belief in the Bible and God.  It is just a matter of time.  The pressures will mount.  The churches are caving.  The hardening of atheistic, unGodly resolve is gaining momentum.  This attitude is the core of public education, it is the prevailing attitude of University leadership, professors, and student culture, it is the public policy of our government and the prevailing editorial policy of the media.

Are even so-called “conservative” churches preaching on this topic?  I haven’t heard it yet.

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