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Obama: Culmination of populist apathy and government corruption…

The struggle with Islam as well as our federal government’s fiscal irresponsibility are both rooted in the pernicious double-dealing of our elected representatives and Presidents.  Yes, I say Presidents – plural.  This is not just an “Obama” thing, although he has consciously carried the” destroy America agenda” further and faster than any other.  Most of the past half dozen Presidents have created our current predicament.  Presidents and Congress have all ignorantly proclaimed that Islam is a “religion of peace” as well as destroy our economy by over spending and over legislating.  Obama has taken the extra step at destroying our relationship with one of our best real allies:  Israel.

Peter M. Friedman at has written an article that parallels my own thinking.  Hearing this sort of thing from another person is a double-edged sword:  It tells me I am not alone in interpreting events as I do, but it confirms some of my worst fears for our nation.  Peter invites comments on his article.
At the risk of alienating any supporters of mine, I feel compelled, after watching BHO's BS speech this morning on the rise of the unemployment number to 9.2%, to attempt to address "reality" as painful as it may be. It is only my opinion of course, but, as a student of history, "history" is always repeating itself, and we are condemned if we do not confront reality just like a cancer patient! 
Your comments, good or bad, are always welcomed. 
The unemployment numbers were released today, and they rose to 9.2%.
Obama made another obfuscating speech today, which any normal intelligent person might ask, “What planet is he on?” It is really very simple, but you have to have the capacity to think the unthinkable. 
Here’s what’s really happening! 
Republican politicians are attempting to deal with Obama as they would like him and his administration to be. Our government makes the very same error in dealing with Muslims. America deals with Muslim as it would like them to be. However, this is suicidal! That is why Americans denigrate Israel, because Israel tries to deal with the Muslims who want to annihilate them as they are, and not as Israel would like them to be. Americans consistently ask Israel, “Why can’t you be more like us?” Because Israel understands reality!
Americans do not!  Republicans need to be more like Israelis. 
What Obama and his administration have accomplished since January 20,
2009 is not the “Balkanization” of America, but the “Tribalization” of America! Since WW2 Presidents and their administrations have attempted to Balkanize the voters of America seeking“group” votes using entitlements, the very basis of our bankrupting debt. These administrations have used our taxes collected against us in a political partisan redistribution of wealth for no other reason than to garner votes to retain them in office. In 1838 the French Minister Alexis de Tocqueville stated, “When the population discovers they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury, the [American] experiment will be over.” It has been over for over a century! We just refuse to admit it. 
Obama has now taken us from Balkanization to Tribalization in just thirty months. He is the quintessential “Pied Piper” of partisan politics, except he is not really a Democrat. Obama is a sociopathic,narcissistic, psychopath to put it in clinical terms. He has a finger on the“button”, and that is really scary. Obama has, in thirty months, taken America from “Red States” and “Blue States”, to a Middle East “tribal” mentality.Instead of Republican and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, we now have the tribes of African-Americans, Jewish-Americans, Muslim-Americans,Hispanic-Americans, Wealthy-Americans, Working-Americans, Unemployed-Americans, Middleclass-Americans,
Welfare-Americans, Retired-Americans, and the Union-Americans, each with their own claims on the public treasury. It is the epitome of the “divide-and-conquer” process. It is working undoubtedly way beyond Obama’s wildest dreams, because most voting Americans are ignorant and apathetic. They don’t want to learn the truth, and they just can’t bring themselves to think that a President of the United States, and those with whom he has surrounded himself, are hell-bent on destroying America for whatever deranged agenda they may have. They can’t, and won’t admit they made such agrandiose error in judgment in November, 2008. 
How did this happen? Since the election of 2000 the mainstream media in America, and in many parts of the world, concentrated on pursuing George Bush, who turned out to be no great intellectual, and denigrating him from the very onset of his election. How long did the media and the Democrats beat the drum that Bush stole the election? 
This mantra followed Bush throughout his Presidency the effect of which was to inculcate within the voters that Bush and the Republicans perpetrated a fraud on America. It was no surprise that the ignorant voters, who had been brainwashed, overwhelmingly voted for Democrats in 2006, and then Obama in 2008, to allegedly counteract everything related to George Bush. They neglected to properly vet Barack Hussein Obama, and they followed him into pseudo-history by electing a man with no executive experience, no credentials, and no verifiable personal history just to counter the negative Bush legacy perpetrated by the mainstream media. In my opinion, the positive legacy Bush will enjoy historically will be his appointments of John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. Without these two Justices, America would be done! You must remember that FDR attempted to“pack” the Supreme Court during his administration because the Court stopped him on numerous occasions from violating our Constitution. Hopefully, now as then, the Supreme Court will finally pick up the constitution ball and run with it before Obama can do more harm to America. 
Obama is merely the mirror image of those who elected him and continue to support a man whose agenda is to “fundamentally change” America. Yes, he IS fundamentally changing America – he’s completely Hell-bent on destroying America! It is most frustrating to view Republican politicians trying to “negotiate” with Obama as though he is legitimately negotiating with them. He is merely keeping them in the dialogue and treading water, while he plods along undeterred in his traitorous undertaking. America “partnering” with the Muslim Brotherhood”? Are you kidding? Obama has so far usurped the balance of power from both Congress and the Supreme Court. He is “governing” by Executive Order“fiat”, just as tyrants in recent history have done in the past century. He dares anyone to challenge him, including Congress and the Supreme Court. 
How do people such as Obama get into power? They are elected by ignorant “tribal” populations. A good example would be, especially in California, Fortney “Pete” Stark in Fremont, and Maxine Waters in Los Angeles,both Democrats, and both related to the Democratic Socialists of America( Stark was re-elected with an overwhelming vote in his district in spite of the fact that he consistently denigrates and insults his constituency.Waters, who has been involved in corruption her entire time in office, is always overwhelmingly re-elected by her “tribal” constituency, reminiscent of the jury nullification in the OJ Simpson trial. It is a tribal reality that is a permanent disgrace and stain on the character of America, and it will never be erased because of the political reality that maintains a specific “victim”mentality. 
Republicans, and the intelligent voters, absolutely must come to the realization that no current member of the Obama administration,including Obama himself, is dealing from a position of integrity being an honest broker in ANY negotiation! We must begin immediately to deal with this administration as the Israelis must deal with the Palestinians. Both the PLO and Hamas Charters have called in writing for the total extermination of Israel and Jews since their inception. This too is “fundamental change”, and American voters must confront this reality – this administration is Hell-bent on “changing” America for the worse. Obama doesn’t just not get it – he is completely complicit in purposefully destroying America as anything“exceptional”. 
It is clearly elucidated in his pseudo-autobiography “Dreams from My Father”. He has surrounded himself since day-one with people of like-minded mentalities who mostly are 1960s dope-ridden radicals who, with the support of the mainstream corrupt media, were bright enough to take full advantage of the gaping political chasm created by that media against George Bush and the Republican Party which was asleep at the switch. 

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