Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pray for Consequences for Irresponsible Behavior - Auntie Zeituni Update

So now she is fighting her deportation order.

...Auntie "believes someone leaked information about her immigration status to try to hurt Obama's candidacy." Ahhh yes. Others are at fault for her trying to sneak through the system.

..."She's upset that people could just hurt her like that ... use her to try to hurt Barack..." Uh huh. Blame others for her own stupid behavior - no responsibility for her own illegal actions.

...She "has been sickly since her immigration status became public, and Wong [her attorney] said she would not immediately make her available to speak to a reporter." Bring on the pity. Yes, people become sickly over getting themselves into trouble. Key words: "getting themselves."

..."She and her lawyers could argue her risk of harm in Kenya is even greater than before, because of the international attention brought to her case." Yes, throw out any slimy supposition to see what sticks! Again...consequences of her own actions.

The words "personal responsibility" and "law abiding" defy understanding by an increasing number of folks.

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