Thursday, September 04, 2008

Suddenly Seasoned Sarah

Two days ago (pre-convention speech), Sarah Palin's liberal critics declared her a small town nobody, a run-of-the-mill soccer mom, lacking experience, and not fit for the vice-presidency, never mind president.

Well, irony of ironies, after the speech those same critics now disdainfully declare her to be "a seasoned politician" and acting like a "Washington insider." After those diametrically opposed characterizations, they are likely next to declare her "schizophrenic", all self-invented fabrications by McCain's opponents.

What is even more confusing (and disingenuous) are the comments from liberal feminists and their close friends, the mainstream media. They whine that she will be neglecting her family if she is VP, after their decades of trying to bust women through the glass ceiling. Why isn't the same criticism leveled against the male fathers in office? They chastise her daughter for an out of wedlock pregnancy while screaming for "freedom of choice." I guess they would have preferred to assert their "freedom of choice" to abort the pregnancy, aka "kill the baby." They minimize and mock the courageous and right choice made in raising a downs syndrome child. (Again, abortion is their answer.) Make up your minds, fems. Which way do you want it? You're confusing me!

Politics is strange. It verges on other-worldly insane. If an individual exhibited the same inconsistent spoutings as the left has exhibited over the past week, there would have been a family intervention by now. Perhaps these inconsistent rants are the early signs of a liberal campaign becoming unraveled. Hmmm.

My previous post expressed initial doubts about McCains' VP selection, doubts based on knowing very little about his choice. Frankly, I thought there were better choices - most notably Mit Romney. However, the more I hear from and about Sarah Palin, the more confident I am becoming about her likely effectiveness and the good she may do for this country. She will definitely be one who will be fun to watch in the coming weeks as she goes head to head with the Obama camp and the derisive media.

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