Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What the do "Moderate" Muslims Really Believe?

The President of Iran inspired me. So now I’d like to take a few minutes to beat a dead horse that refuses to die. The not so dead “dead horse” is the Great American Fairytale that Islam, at its heart, is a religion of peace - that the great majority of "moderate" American Muslims condemn Islamist terror.

We saw a Muslim in action at the United Nations: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. We discovered he is great at lying and denying or distorting facts - for Islam. He is a Muslim. He is duping many in this nation into believing he is a moderate person.

The continuing “politically correct” but apparently ignorant media and otherwise pre-occupied masses continue to repudiate opinions such as those expressed by Pete in Minnesota:

“Without Muslims we have no 911 attacks. We have no embassy bombings in Africa. The Islam, the Christianity, of 1000 years ago is interesting, but we live in the present. There are 3 kinds of Muslims today. A very small minority who genuinely detest the violent faction. The avowedly violent faction: there can be no making peace with them. And a huge group in the middle who deep down think they will be better off if the violent faction comes to power.

"The West has 2 options: it can submit to Allah, or it can kill millions and millions of Muslims, until Muslims realize that "live and let live" is the best approach. Islam is not a religion: it is a political movement that seeks world domination. I am saddened by the slaughter to come."

If the Jihadi's persevere (which they promise to do) and successful strikes occur in this country equaling 9-11 or worse (which they promise to achieve), we have no choice. Consequently, I have to agree with Pete.

What is a "moderate" Muslim? Read here for some fresh insight.

Here is an article which helps explain why we have no choice if we want to maintain our freedom:

Douglas MacKinnon, a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the novel America's Last Days, states:

“According to [a] …recent Pew Center survey, a quarter of younger Muslim-Americans support suicide bombings in some circumstances. That’s right. They support suicide bombings. 25% of Muslim-Americans refused to give an answer when asked if they had a favorable or unfavorable view of Al-Qaeda. 5% of Muslim-Americans said they had a favorable view of the group that attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and tried to attack the White House or Capitol building.

"If we accept the Pew Center’s estimate that there are 2.35 million Muslims in the United States, then 5% of that number would be 117,500 Muslim-Americans who have a favorable view of Al-Qaeda. A number that should not only send chills down our spines, but cries out for eternal vigilance.”

I believe these numbers are very conservative. Many of the majority, but mildly sympathetic "moderates" are likely to turn more hostile to Amerca's ways as the screws tighten as they must.

The Jihadist minority are not radical because they are making things up. They are radical because they believe in their religion. They believe what the Koran teaches. They believe what Muhammad, their prophet, taught. The so-called “moderate Muslims” have no basis for their moderation. The moderates are the apostates. The teachings of their religion belie moderation. They have nowhere to go as Muslims except to believe in the message of their religions’ extremists, because that message represents what their religion truly teaches.

Here is some bit of good news from The Associated Press:

"DENVER (AP) — Negative opinions about Islam are on the rise, Mormons are viewed as Christian but different and Pope Benedict XVI trails his predecessor in popularity, a poll of Americans released Tuesday said.

"The survey of 3,000 adults from Aug. 1-18 was conducted for the Pew Research Center and the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

"The number of Americans who say Islam has little or nothing in common with their own religion has spiked to 70 percent in the past two years from 59 percent, the poll found.
Another significant shift has taken place: In 2005, 36 percent of the public said Islam is more likely than other faiths to encourage violence among its believers. That number has risen to 45 percent."

Are Americans gradually waking up? I can only hope so.

As a capper, here is an excellent book worth reading:

"America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It", by Mark Styne as detailed here.

It portrays what will happen to America if we keep our head in the sand about the true nature of Islam. It may already be too late for Europe.


Anonymous said...

"Gradually--painfully gradually--people are beginning to see that islam is the enemy. Period."
The above quote is one of the milder examples of how many Westerners view Islam these days. This quote is a part of the comment to the article titled "Why We Cannot Rely on Moderate Muslims." posted on the Gates of Vienna blog. The article talks about radical Muslims in the West claiming to be moderates. It also brings up very interesting points. "[T]he government and media are avid to find moderate Muslims -- and as their desperation has increased, their standards have lowered.", "The situation is complicated by many factors, including, taqiyya and kitman", and "How can we ever trust assurances from self-proclaimed moderate Muslims when deception of non-Muslims is so widespread, and lying to infidels is an accepted and established way of hiding Islamic goals? The answer, with all its difficult implications, is: We can't."

But that's where the Gates of Vienna is wrong. The main problem is that the term 'Moderate Muslim' is poorly defined. There is a clear distinction between a 'Moderate Muslim' and an 'Islamist' and the distinction is in the ultimate goal. An Islamist believes in Islamic Supremacy. Islamist terrorists and their supporters want to achieve it by waging Jihad. Non-violent Islamists want to achieve it by peaceful and democratic means. The means are different, but the goals are the same: Islamic World Domination. Moderate Muslims do not believe in Islamic Supremacy. For someone not very familiar with the subject, the distinction may be subtle. But in reality, it is the most important, because everything that Democracies hold dear is based on this distinction. This is the Koran vs. the Constitution, Islamic State vs. Secular State, and ultimately, Dhimmitude (Subjugation to Islam) vs. Freedom. I cannot stress enough how important this distinction is!

Now, comes an uneasy task of weeding out false moderates. Hopefully, with a clear definition of a 'Moderate Muslim' that task could be a lot easier. Coming back to the title of this post. Muslim community as a whole is not the enemy. Part of it is. A large part. But not all of it. The next time you ask yourself a question "How can we ever trust assurances from self-proclaimed moderate Muslims?" don't trust their assurances; look at their record. No matter how well false-moderate Muslims such as CAIR or MPAC polished their facades, they have a record. Whether it is their support of terrorism or advocating Islamic supremacy, any Islamist group or figure who's been around long enough, at one time or another has shown its/his/her true face. Just because some government official or some talking head declares someone to be a moderate Muslim, it doesn't make it so. There are several counter-terrorism and Islam experts who keep track of Islamists. Most of these experts happen to be non-Muslim, but there is also a list of moderate Muslims who could be used as trusted sources for these inquiries. The list of those prominent Muslims is posted at the upper right corner of our blog. So now, my non-Muslim friends, when you have the tools to identify REAL moderate Muslims, you can no longer use your ignorance as an excuse to declare that Islam is the enemy.


Gerardo Moochie said...

Please read the blog post above this one titled "Bush Ignorance and Islamic Deception" for a response to this comment.