Thursday, February 01, 2007

Immature jackasses in need of adult supervision...

Here they are, the immature, irresponsible stupid guys - the lower end of the advertising professions' bottom feeder food chain.

Clever, but stupid. And what do you want to bet that these hacks will try to spin the circumstances to make the Boston officials sound like they over-reacted to their ill-conceived publicity stunt?

The truth is, these stupid guys fail to understand or care about the reality of the serious aspects of life. They clearly suffer from a lack of adult supervision, both from their parents and from CNN hierarchy. Apparently, the hierarchy at CNN also require more adult supervision, but I digress. Many "adult children" today have this same innate la la land mentality in common - an emotional IQ in the negatives.

This points to the larger issue involving the disconnectedness of generations in our culture. Parents are often too busy with sports, dancing, Hollywood gossip, divorce, watching TV, making money, and being otherwise too self-absorbed to maintain effective communication and respect to influence the next generation in a positive manner. Fortunately, despite parental lapes, some kids surprise their parents on the side of responsible and mature behavior.

In this case, though, what kind of parental upbringing, if they had any, do these apes reflect? Or are they degenerates inspite of parental influence?

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