Sunday, November 12, 2006

A Review of "No More Christian Nice Guy"

The title above provides a link to a review of this refreshingly provocative book that turns the tables on the "politically correct" but useless Jesus.

Here are some excerpts of the review...

"Yes, Christ taught his followers “not to judge” unwisely, but context is important here. He also praised individuals for making wise judgments. Remember John the Baptist? When Christian Leftists hypocritically judge people for judging, they are promoting mindless populism.

"Christians are called to be shakers, not pontificators of slippery values. But the truth is getting out there.

“'Nice' can’t confront this world’s sources of pain. Niceness makes people agreeable, not good. Somehow we have mistaken niceness for righteousness,” maintains Coughlin. American men, of course, need to toughen up for the challenges ahead. They need to stop “making nice” with Martini Marxists."

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