Wednesday, March 29, 2006

TO: President & Congress; RE: Illegal immigration

As a citizen of the United States, and as the grandson of LEGAL immigrants, I appeal to you to respect our nation’s borders, heritage, culture, and laws by doing the following with all due haste:

  • Deport all illegal aliens (proactively enforce existing legislation or pass additional legislation, if necessary)
  • Prosecute any individual, institution, or business that harbors illegal aliens
  • Pass legislation that makes English the official language of this nation
  • Secure our borders by whatever means that will be effective whether via fences, walls, technology, or personnel, military or otherwise
  • Ignore the corporate greed that drives this nations lust for cheap labor over the rule of law and security of our borders.
  • Devote the fiscal resources necessary to accomplish these things.
I consider the current, abhorant immigration policies of this nation a personal affront to the integrity, diligence, and patriotism of my ancestors. It makes a mockery of our laws and threatens our nation's survival.

I voted republican in the past two elections. I will not hesitate to vote for whichever individuals will aggressively pursue this agenda and I will join forces and expend resources to encourage others to do the same.

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