Friday, September 02, 2005

May the City of New Orleans Never Be the Same

The Mayor of New Orleans was speaking on WWL radio this afternoon...he was venting about the disaster, the dead bodies, the destruction, ragging on the lack of assistance from the federal and state government, and how "the City of New Orleans will never be the same."

Let us all hope and pray that the City of New Orleans will never be the same...

  • That their rampant corruption will change
  • That their blind tolerance of grossly decadent behavior will change
  • That their failure to plan for natural disaster will change
  • That the greed of their largest industries (tourism and petroleum) will change
  • That their continued existence in a 7' to 10' below sea level basin in a hurricane prone area of the Gulf of Mexico will change

Yes, may the City of New Orleans never be the same.

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