Sunday, June 26, 2005

10 Reasons to Go to (an LDS) Church

This is written to those who don’t go to church, any church.

People have a variety of reasons for not going to church – I should know, I’ve used many of them.

The usual include:

- Sunday. That’s my day of rest. That’s what God wants us to do, isn’t it? (Yes, but not that much!)
- Church is full of hypocrites. (That’s true. At least most of us admit it.)
- That’s the only day I can get my chores done. (Is it, really? Depends on priorities, doesn’t it?)
- I can be spiritual without going to church (And how spiritual is that?)
- I get along fine without going to church (Is that as “fine” as you want to be?)
- I’m as fine as I want to be. (I can’t argue with that.)

With that out of the way, why should you go to church? And why should you go to an LDS church in particular?

Here are 10 reasons…

  1. God (assuming you believe He exists) wants you to learn more about Him. Church is a good place for that.
  2. Like-minded participants will help increase your faith in and understanding of God and what God expects of us. You will be more motivated than by studying only on your own, assuming you would.
  3. You will get the distinct feeling you are doing the “right thing” by being in church. You will be “blessed” (made happy by God’s spirit.)
  4. You will learn positive life and family principles – your “peers” will teach and everyone is encouraged by one another.
  5. You will be exposed to continuing revelation from our Heavenly Father – the same sort that was given by prophets in the Old Testament. After all, if God spoke through prophets 3000 years ago, why wouldn’t he continue today?
  6. You will learn that the “pure gospel” - that of serving others – brings greater joy than anything we do for ourselves. This is the opposite of what the counseling community preaches. It’s good to hear an opposing view – it gives a bit of a balanced perspective to life.
  7. You will become a part of a supportive, close knit, caring, and positive group of people who hold high ideals and who love to help.
  8. Your understanding of the purpose of the family in God’s plan will be greatly enhanced.
  9. You will develop a foundation of understanding how to improve this life and the life to come by learning eternally significant truths.
  10. Your dad thinks this is a good idea.

Love, Dad

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